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Share Your Cartel Pack Opening Stories


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Decided to make this thread so I could hear everyone else and their good or bad pack opening experiences.


Tonight I decided to buy 2 Scavanger's Supercrates with CC I saved up from referrals and sub time and on my first pack I netted a Senya's Lightsaber Pack! I know RNGsus is gonna hate me for a long time after this, but it was worth it! :p


My other story is probably making a twin character with my friend. We made "troll toons" (not to actually troll but to double team people in PvP and mess with them) and my toon had the Pushups toy. I bought my friend 3 packs with saved CC for a chance to get Pushups to do Pushups on people after defeating them and on his 3rd pack he ended up getting it. We were laughing so hard!


I probably have a few more good or great experiences but I think these 2 stand out the most. What about you guys? Share your stories!

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