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Nautolan's and Twi'lek Lekku Suggestions


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Hey there,

So it really surprised me when I first started playing SWTOR that there weren't any Nautolan's, because I always loved Kit Fisto in the Star Wars franchise. Not to mention just, their amazing look. I feel as though the Nautolan's would be an amazing addition to the SWTOR Species list, and I wouldn't even be against it being a Cartel Coin only purchase if EA is looking to cash in on it.


I'd also like to make a quick suggestion: Releasing a Twi'lek customization pack with the option to wrap their lekku around their neck, as well as release purple twi'leks!


Kind Regards,

Dominus Arcanum :rak_03:

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Zero interest in Nautolans from me.

A lot of people seem to like them for whatever reason, or maybe it's just a few people that keep on re-posting threads and commenting in the same, but I don't get the love.


I'd much rather see Weequay or Nikto. I mean, Nikto may be reptilian but they have all the right parts to make a romance seem not totally weird.


The most important question may be how many different models for these races exist in the game?

Because the more different models there are already, the easier it is to make them ready for a release as a playable species.


If they have to make a lot of faces and hairstyles and whatever then that takes time that they may be having to spend on other things.

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I cast my vote once again for Nautolan.

They are on the top of my list of most desired new species, right above the Rodian and Bothan.

At this point, though, I would just love to see more playable alien races added to the game for the sake of diversity.

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Yes, Twi'leks are BioWare's unloved step children. They have always been left out when it comes to customization. And Nautolans should be also a great species to play.


There are so much more variazations on Twi'leks.... but no: They have only THREE faces in FOUR shades. Really? Add all the human faces to them.

And all skin color options from the Togrutas.

And more Headbands/gears.

And new pointy lekku patterns in white color hues (like Aayla Secura's in TCW) or a circle pattern like Hera's in Rebels.

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