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Evil Intentions Master Mode (NIM) raid team is looking for 2DPS and/or Tank


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Evil Intentions is looking for 2 permanent and committed dps (or tank) to raid with us on Sunday nights from 7:30PM EST – 10:30PM EST. We are currently working on Master Mode (NiM) in 5.0 content and need 2 staying members to help us continue our raiding efforts. Many of the members have cleared HM Revan and many of the NiM content pre 4.0.


As of 5.0 we have downed Veteran ToS 5/5, Master SNV 6/7, Master TFB 4/5, Master EC 4/4 (Warstalker Timed Run) . We will be working on Master content up until release of Tyth in 5.2.



  • Lvl 70 mdps or rdps ((preferred sniper, mara, or merc will entertain recruiting an operative, juggernaut or powertech (or any tank -we have tanks that can switch to dps)) with knowledge and understanding of your characters skills (in other words, you know what you're doing)
  • At least have 234/236 average of gear with set bonuses, if not higher.
  • General understanding of the operations and fighting mechanics at the very least on hard mode. You must be able to educate yourself on the Master (nightmare) mode mechanics through research or Torcommunity.com or Dulfy.com
  • Be able to provide achievements/accomplishments, if requested
  • Be able to provide parse information when requested to show DPS abilities


  • Punctuality and availability Sunday nights to play with few exceptions
  • Have Teamspeak for voice comms (we can help set you up)
  • Have raid awareness, the ability to take criticism, and prepared to learn.



  • Joining the guild would be welcome, but not required. However, it’s a bonus to you for repair funds.
  • We do master loot our operations, and allow one set piece per individual on a need basis per raid group. If no one needs the piece it will go to a roll for mods and enhancements.


We’d like to give you a trial run and see how things work out. If you’re interested in the spot please feel free to PM me or contact me via whisper or mail in-game on Seraphyne or Scrumptious or contact my guild officer Slayersorange/Slayers-zenio/Slayers-styx for details or further information.


Thanks and toodles!

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