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Buff command token rewards for T1 and T2


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There's an issue with galactic command crates where leveling your alts doesn't benefit your legacy nearly as much as leveling your main.


Leveling your main gives:


1. Top tier schematics you can use to craft gear for your alts or sell on the GTN.

2. Top tier mods you can give to your alts.

3. Way more command tokens to purchase boosts with.


This would be fine if there were other rewards that incentivized playing your alts. However, even when/if UC becomes legacy that's still limited to PvP. And Operation lockouts just reward gearing alts rather than playing them outside of Operations.


With the changes coming in 5.2, command tokens could be used to purchase more powerful boosts that affect you regardless of command rank, meaning that playing your main would be even more incentivized. Something needs to be done to reward playing T1/T2 close to the level of T3/T4 mains, and buffing command token gain for T1/T2 could help in that regard.


Currently, the command token rewards are:


Tier 1 = 5 tokens

Tier 2 = 8 tokens

Tier 3 = 12 tokens

Tier 4 = ???


I suggest that the rewards be changed to:


Tier 1 = 10 tokens

Tier 2 = 12 tokens

Tier 3 = 14 tokens

Tier 4 = 16 tokens


With the addition of more lucrative items to the command token store, this could provide ample encouragement to play your alts for weekly/daily rewards instead of grinding it out on your main.

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i don't want more frigging command tokens, i got over 7000 command tokens in my mains command stage and 3000 in currency, and i am not even counts those i got on my 51 alts, i already do not know what to do with the tokens, buy boosters only gives me more not less. i got 350 tier 3 command boxes waiting for 52 which will give me a better chance on get 242 stuff but also 350 times 12 token which i don't even know how to spend.


now you will say go buy gear with them that's a laugh because e first you need unassembled components and then the vendor is really cheap on command tokens needed to get the item. seriously either make stuff cost 100+ command tokens or reduce the tokens we get.

or alowe us to trade command tokens for unassembled components

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