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2 Suggestions: Right-click preview on armor sets and Increase the F2P Credit cap


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1.) Right-Click Preview of Complete Armor Sets


This should exist, its a nice QoL change and its should already exist.


2.) Increase the F2P credit cap


First, I am a sub and I understand that there would be some risk with this, but with the state of the economy it is necessary. Some of the F2P unlocks designed to be sold to them on the GTN or CM cost far more than a F2P can afford with credits. This discourages players from buying and selling these items because it is a limited market. Furthermore, and far more important, I spend a decent amount of money on the CM and my potential customers are limited to only subscribers.


By increasing the cap, it would mean more money for bioware. It would mean more GTN sales for someone like me. With the dwindling population, it would help a lot. Some players will always be free to play. Some of them would be very capable of earning credits and would probably be more likely to buy CM packs as well.


Regardless of all of that, the F2P cap does not match the current cost of items on the GTN. It used to be reasonable, but it is not anymore. Please consider bumping this to at least be in line with the value of credits today.


Again, I am a subscriber and I know this would benefit all of us. It was designed well initially, but 250K credits is no longer worth in 2017 what it was worth in 2013 or 14 even.


2 Suggestions. Thanks for your time.

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1) As stated, as far as I know the only things that are offered as a complete set are things that can be found in collections.


So you want to see what the set looks like? Go into collections, use the filter function to quickly find the set, and then preview it that way.


2) If people are not selling things from the CM on the GTN at prices that F2Pers can afford, whether preferred or true F2Pers, then I guess the F2Pers should buy them from the CM themselves.


Look, I get it... Some people are F2P because of reasons, but if someone wants to play, finding a dollar here or a dollar there and putting it away for the game is not impossible.


Also, what happens then when that next thing they really want costs more than what the new cap is? Raise the cap again?


Finally, credit sellers would love this. Able to farm more credits on one of their dummy characters before having to put the characters aside or transfer the money in some way.

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