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[Empire) Dark Knights is Recruiting for Progression Raiding


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Dark Knights is building a new Raiding Team. We will be running through Veteran and Master mode Operations. We will be building a core team of 20 players to account for slacks. We are looking for 3 Tanks | 8 DPS | 3 Healers.

We have Imperial & Republican Flagships, Guild Bank, 10% XP/REP, Endgame Crafting, Website, Discord and a core of Seasoned Officers.

If you’re interessed you can contact in game Arkkhan, Vindikhan, Bestiá, Vhaala, Ix’nay, Sa’giro, Maxx Damage and Spankmuch by private message or whisper.

For more info visit our website @ http://darkknights.swtorhost.com/


Current Guild Progression

Eternity Vault – Master 5/5

Karaga’s Palace – Master 5/5

Explosive Conflict – Master 4/4

Terror from Beyond – Master 5/5

Scum & Villainy – Master 5/5

Dread Fortress – Master 4/5

Dread Palace – Master 5/5

The Ravagers – Veteran 3/5

Temple of Sacrifice – Veteran 3/5

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