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How about we get rid of the CC Crates/packs and replace...


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Them with Unlocks for NEW OP's or PVP content?


want the new OP's for planet XXX sure, unlocks start for access at 500CC and the harder the content the higher premium for the OPS in CC.


why not use the Collections as a way for people to keep track of there progression as well, I know people wont like gated content. but look at it this way, would you rather have reskins x 100000 of the same stuff we keep seeing in cartel crates? or shift focus to more OP's WZ's? personally I like the idea of buy the content you want and ditch the stuff you don't... BW/EA could use this to create a steady income of new content for people and we get the stuff we want in game totally customizable....

story expansions can remain free. but the OP's and WZ's 1-XX could be unlocked at any stage of your desired difficulty..


it "Could" work :) thoughts??

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Trouble is, the results might get skewed the way the OP doesn't like.

- The wrong lizard might get electd, or everyone in SWTOR decides to pay for Space-on-rails, making everyone hoping for an OP or WZ leave..... compounding the problem.


Bottom line is there isn't the time or the budget to make much new content. The money all got spent on a trailer we all watched about once.....and mostly thought. ... "So Vaylin had a messed up childhood.....so what?"


The time was all spent creating galactic command.... and fixing it... and patching it.... and fixing it again..... and not listening to the players..... and fixing it again..... and failing.... and creating a whole new 100 ranks of grind.... and will probably be spent fixing that too..... And readjusting the ops to a new level of gear and failing and fixing and re-jigging....and downtime and fielding criticism and breaking pvp bolster and fixing and fixing and ..... you get the picture.....

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