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How to fix gear gap problem in PvP


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We have a big gear gap in pvp which I assume was unintentional and it is now too much player vs gear and not skill vs skill. This is causing multiple problems and making pvp unenjoyable for everyone and is even having the side affect of trolling, which I'm sure you definitely don't want.


So here's my idea, and please bare with me while explain the reasoning behind it and why I think it will work.


Increase Bolster again so that there is only ever a 1-2% difference on stats between the best gear and the entry lvl 70 gear. This will reduce the gear gap and make pvp be about skill vs skill again.. Let explain why.


I believe your reason for the RNG system is to get people to grind gear and play longer. But that will ultimately destroy pvp because dedicated pvpers don't care about gear. We will pvp regardless of gear and play just as long, if not longer if we are playing skill vs skill.


I think you guys are trying to get more people to try or do pvp and I think that's a great idea. But the current system is making those people and dedicated pvpers miserable because of the gear gap.


Here is the next part of my idea.


Still allow people to get the CXP/RNG and components in pvp. With the gear gap essentially closed due to the first part of my idea, this makes CXP still useful for collecting gear for PvE.


PvE / casual people would still have an incentive to pvp, which is good, but they would have a more fun doing so because they are enjoying themselves and they are more likely to keep pvping instead of hating it and ultimately leaving PvP, never to return to it.


Dedicated PvP people would still have the opportunity to gain the same pve gear if they decided to venture into PvE land. Remember dedicated pvpers would pvp anyway for the same length of time because they enjoy skill vs skill pvp. But with this current gear system and gap, it is unappealing and actually making us play the game less.


This suggested system for pvp is a win-win for everyone. You can keep CXP relevant for pvp and incentivise pve/new people to try/play pvp. It also seems the most simple for you guys to Impliment because all you need to do is turn Bolster up to make it 1-2% different between the lower gear and the highest.


I just want to end by saying, the current gear system for pvp doesn't need a tweak, it needs an overhaul. I know you are trying to fix it with some of the changes you've already made, but you've just made the same system more convoluted and confusing with out any meaningful improvement to the gear gap.

I hope this gets passed onto the right people and you seriously consider it because I can't see a more fair or simple solution to fix the problem in pvp.

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I hate pvp but i have to upgrade my gear and now i do have good gear as pve player and pound pvp-ers with it they whine about having better geared pve'-ers doing pvp. yes i have mostly 236 242 gear(242 gear is 236 all upgraded with unassemble components) but i frigging had to get it by playing pvp all day everyday. so at least have me have my gear advantage, that i got by doing the thing i hate.
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