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What's your favorite thing to do in SWTOR and why?


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Dressing up companions in ridiculous outfits

solo story (except BH, BORING)

getting into voicechat during an operation just for the social aspect

Replying with all of the snarky options when talking to Darth Baras (you can make him laugh with one!)


The one thing I seem to spend the most time doing is running in circles on starter planets while recruiting for my guild.


Least Favorite

GSF. Never did it, PVP ship-to-ship thing is just not my deal. Not interested.

PVP. I'm incompetent and don't appreciate schlupps 1/3 my age berating me for as much.

Pipes. I hate trying to walk on pipes to get datacrons. Luckily my guild has datacron runs to help with this.

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My favorite pastimes in game are pretty much the basics of questing, exploring, gathering, and farming mobs. Then, usually after a month or two, I'll start a new character, often in a class I haven't played recently, and do it again.
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I think one of my favorite things I've done in this game is to create my Imperial Agent as an "Archer" clone and force myself to carry out ALL conversation choices as "Hmm... what would Archer do?" or "What would Archer say?" and sticking with it.


Oh yes, a whole new level of hilarity. I was not that fond of the agent story but playing Archer through the full story-line was a total blast.



(Ohhh, I did wish I had Theran Cedrax and Holiday as a stand in for Krieger and his Virtual Girlfriend!)

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