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Can you please add a cape and hood module?


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As to date my favourite armour is the Sith Recluse which I still think is your best yet well until you give me my Star Forge armour back lol.

Anyways my Sith Recluse armour feels a tad bare without a cape and hood. Like in the title Sith it should be liable for a cape and hood. Well that's my logic besides it looking beast. Like I said about my marauder that one time he's double the Vader or my other way to word it was he's Vader with two sabers now that's beast.


The current armour layout is :-

Revanite Vindicator helmet,

Sith Recluse chestplate,

Eradicator gloves,

Eradicator bracers,

Eradicator legs,

Eradicator boots, and it looks beast but would love a hood and cape to finish it off to allow for full beast mode!!! Please can you make this possible? Thank you in-advance! Lots of love <3

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