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Absolute bugs that need fixing


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I'm tired of waiting. Reported this several times and I'm now doing it again.

There's so many bugs in PvP that it's driving me crazy. Now you'll say "report them using the /bug command in chat", yeah, like that's ever going to change anything. This is the 2nd/3rd patch now since I reported those bugs and I see no action taken. I HAVEN'T EVEN SEEN A MERC NERF YET! What is wrong with you guys? Are you blind? Ask any PvP-er and they'll tell you mercs need a nerf. I'm not only talking damage-wise, but Electro Net-wise as well. I mean, Electro Net can't even be purged, even after using a breaker? Are you kidding? I would call that a bug. Stealthers break Electro Net, then vanish, only to get dropped out of stealth again because Electro Net is still doing damage and can't be purged. That's crazy. 100% needs a fix. Oh, and neither melee nor ranged attacks should kill an Operative during Evasion when vanishing. So tell me how you die because of a 30k hit ranged attack? That hits after vanish? During Evasion?

- I bet many others agree with this. Seeing enemy players just zoom across your screen and not being able to see them before 2 seconds later. 2 seconds! It should be instant. I can tell because even my allied players, in the same group, hesitate to attack because the enemy is no where in sight. You see them moving around, but their exact location isn't known, so you can't attack.


(Please) Fix this now.

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