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70 commando LF ops guild!


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Greetings! Leet'o the commando at your service. A subscriber since beta back in 2011, I took a break before Shadow of Revan came out, but I'm back for KotFE and KotET.


Among the first to brave the Eternity Vault and Karagga's Palace in early 2012 on the Hyperspace Cannon server, raiding is something I've missed and would like to get back into. I'm drawn by that sense of accomplishment after solving an encounter as a group! I have a tremendous amount of raiding experience across both SWTOR and WoW, and I'm equally comfortable healing or dealing damage.


I'm available nights between Sunday and Thursday, 7:00 PST onward.


I'm good-natured, skilled, and won't cause drama. If you have a hole in your roster, hit me up!

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