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My advice to devs...pay attention to the response during double XP events...


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It should be a clue as to at least one of the serious concerns some folks have with this system.


I expect that many folks would accept this system with open arms if the CXP payout was generous enough...this is, after all a horizontal post cap leveling system.


I still feel that you should have had more levels, and some kind of fractional boost for each level, with dissipating levels over time if unsubbed. But that argument is for another day.


If you wish to engage players, encourage them to sub, the best way, IMO, is to provide real content. That means content for ALL types of players on a fractional basis instead of concentrating on one section of players at a time at the expense of others.


But most of all, pay attention to the reception of the system during these kind of events...I think it is likely you will find some folks find the system acceptable with boosted gains, and that should provide a clue as to some of the flaws in the system.


If we are forced to have RNG as an end game gear mechanic (I think that is unwise) at least make the system generous and universal.

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