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Iokath or Manaan Stronghold?


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love to have a stronghold on oricon, watching the pretty lavafalls, lava sea and lava lakes, some rocky land masses, half destroyed ships strewn around the landscape and in the distance the dreadmasters fortress, most ominous and looming threat.


meanwhile corrupted flora winds itself around your stronghold in places and it creates a unique looking stronghold held up on a rocky pillar and corrupted flora tree trunks. the place is decorated in red crystals, grey floor and corridors, harsh looking steps with razor sharp metal fences and burning fires lighting the area up.



Another stronghold is on Ord Mantell on the main island between the active volcano and the main settlements power building. inaccessible from the ground, however it gives an overview of the current warzone between the seperatists and the republic forces fighting below seeing all those energy bolts flying around, some explosions, ships flying overhead. a stronghold in the middle of a warzone! :D.

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Honestly I'd like a stronghold to reflect our character's current position in the Universe - Emperor/Empress or Commander of the Alliance, a third faction. I think a Zakuul or (preferably) Odessen SH would fit the best thematically imho. Manaan is lovely, but hasn't been relevant story-wise since SOR - which involved the Yavin 4 stronghold. Just my two cents as someone who's spent over a year fine tuning my Dromund Kaas stronghold- which isn't even relevant to my character, given that she's no longer truly Imperial ;) Edited by Mewsy
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