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"Show Darkside Corruption" without a "Light Side Commitment/Affinity"


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Hi, it's me again.


I have a Dark V character and sometimes show their corruption, other times i don't. But i got to thinking...

Why isn't there the Light Side equivalent to this? Why isn't there a "Show Lightside Commitment/Affinity" or such that my Light V character can access?

I'd like to see something like that come into being. Maybe an aura-like glow around the character. Higher the light side affinity, the larger or brighter the glow. If that's unacceptable because it may cause lag due to graphics issues on some player's machines, then maybe Eyes that glow blue/white.

Having an option to flaunt the depth of our Dark Sidedness yet no way to express your commitment to the Light Side seems a bit...well...One Sided.


Just something i was thinking about. Thought i'd slap it up and see if there's any like minded individuals and a possibility of making this happen while i wait for my game to R E O R G A N I Z E.



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