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•Galactic Starfighter Requisition is now rewarding at a 250% rate.


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Right there in the patch notes.

Notes for 5.1.2.


"•Galactic Starfighter Requisition is now rewarding at a 250% rate."


So there's no better time to promote GSF to all your friends and guild-mates and advertise on fleet. - Another roll of the dice to encourage those who want to stay in the game but not endlessly grind CXP forever doing chapters and heroics and uprisings over and over. - And a chance to kit out your alt pilots.


Spread the word! Be nice to the rookies for a few days and we might just get some traction.



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Level up your alts the painless way.

Master those last few remaining ships,

Start a few alts off on GSF piloting greatness.

Shine with your stocks!

Say goodbye CXP grinding hell and say hello Requisition goodness!


With a GSF bonus day, a CXP or XP booster on, the daily and the weekly still to do and extra req - you're getting a big chunk of reward for only a few minutes play- even better if you try hard and score a few medals. Credits in the bank and no repair costs, even conquest points.....as well, so fill your boots! - What's not to like?

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