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Subscription Canceled.


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After really trying this game for 2 months now, i've seen NO endgame...


In over 2 years there hasn't been any new endgame content, class-balance is appaling with developers

making rookie misstakes by overtuning classes instead of changing in small steps over short periods of time.

They do big changes to classes and then don't rebalance for weeks or months... something a competent developer would never do. I'm not a developer and i know that you balance classes by making small changes..


And there's no endgame to speak of. I've been 70 for almost 2 months now, i leveled up to 70 in less then 1 week playing and since then i've been pretty much in the same gear. I'm commandrank 41 and i haven't received a single upgrade from my crates in 21 ranks...


I've simply lost faith in the developers and i strongly believe they're riding on their own high horse, delisional in their own failiure and seing it as achievements. Everyone hates the Token-system and as i watched the Dev-stream, it became clear that the devs cares nothing for what the community are saying.

There was no mentioning of the failed CXP-system, no mentioning of the hated Token-system.. they just remade everything into more complicated and didn't respect the PAYING community enough to admit to their own mistakes.


My own guild has gone from 30+ online to about 9-15 at peak times, people login for maybe 1 hour at the most, and i find myself back to an old game from 2008, a SINGLE PLAYER GAME from 2008 that is more fun and more appealing then your SWTOR .. That says alot about how "fun" your game is.


Endgame needs to be about more then just logging in and hoping to run an Op, or winning some WZ's.. And we haven't had a new OP in 2+ years. Other FREE TO PLAY mmo's has had much much more updates and new content.


So ***'s the problem with SWTOR !?. I'm thinking the devs has their hands tied behind their backs or simply don't care... either way, i don't see this game improving much in the future, not enough to warrant further subscription.


I won't let the door hit me on my way out... i'm going to play my game from 2008, that's way better and more fun.

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