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Versatility for unassembled gear pieces please.


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Can we get a vendor who will trade unassembled gear pieces for unassembled components? I run EV and KP to get our newer guildies up to speed, running DP and TFB to get them used to heavier mechanics, practice makes perfect, but we're getting to the point where everyone already has the tier 1 gear for that drop, not just for the leads running it, but for the veterans who come to lend a hand so that we have the numbers or roles needed to make an op happen (usually from gear crates, by the time they're ready to try ops they don't need the gear offered).

The same can be said for schematics, I can't even give them away sometimes, If there was a vendor for that so we can turn in a number of schematics for a schematic we don't have, or getting a schematic from the next tier, It can still be considered desired loot.

The 20% drop for pre-final bosses is also a problem. Sometimes I hear people getting drops from 2 or 3 by the time, where I get strange looks when I jump up and down for the 1 extra drop I might occasionally see. Maybe we could make one of the two pieces permanent with the possibility of a second? the 20% itself is incredibly low, it takes a considerable amount of effort to get it done, and the sinking feeling of knowing that you won't probably see those extra pieces is less than ideal.

Or maybe a more personalized RNG so everyone rolls for themselves, for every failed roll it would add a bonus to the next roll until they got something, when you do successfully roll the item would pop up in your slot and the added bonus roll would reset, That way even if you don't get a drop you know that the next time you take out a boss, it will give you a better chance (We all police each other pretty well, making sure no one hogs all the drops, but it would also cut out the need for that, some peeps are too nice for their own good and get shafted by the guy who doesn't care to share)

I still see alot of potential for the command system, but until I know that people will be rewarded for their efforts from operations, it's going to feel like everyone's doing me a favor for even coming to an op in the first place. I don't roll for anything if I'm leading until everyone's got something, and I don't like getting pieces just because no one else can use them. I can't ask other leads to do the same knowing they don't have a chance of getting rewarded for their hard work.

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