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Masterz of the Universe, seeking casual to dedicated players all levels


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Masterz of the Universe is a fairly new but rapidly growing republic guild (imperial available at member request but is very new). We offer the standard 10%XP Stronghold and a fairly new flagship. We do have a guild bank but this is where we start differing from others. The goal of our team is to be more than a shared name among players so we do stock items that are useful (more so to new players) loans available. We also do a weekly giveaway on Fridays, 1 item goes out to a helpful member who served the members of the guild, and one to a random member who has been on in the last 7 days! Since we have players of all disciplines we have people who PVE (mostly) PVP (a few are pvp only) and we run a lot of flashpoints and uprisings as people need. We encourage people to be very social, only asking that you be your self and bring a great attitude!


Ops Master Wanted!

I am specifically looking to start up some Ops runs for the members on the rise, I know a small few of them and would like to find someone wiling to help develop players in their Ops performance, basically a War Master, so if you like working with people and don't mind sharing your expertise please contact us, we can discuss a reward for you service


(I'm generally online from 5 to 11:30 tue-sun @ Lucia Black :D)

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