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Alt Character Management


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Is it possible to have either the family tree in the legacy window expanded or a character sheet at the server login where players can readily see character information to help with managing and playing alts?


Information that would be useful to see:

  • Command Level
  • Crew Skills & levels
  • Story Chapters completed
  • Credit Balances
  • Companions, with Status and companion levels
  • PvP Valor level
  • Social points level


Having quick access to this type of information would improve the player experience for those who like to manage multiple alt characters, and ease the constant log in / log out cycle when trying to find the status of a character.


The Family Tree seems like an ideal location for this, but if the server login page with character selection is possible, this would also be a key location for access to this type of information.


Thanks for listening and considering this suggestion.

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