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Un-assembled Components drop in pve as well as pvp


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Noticed a huge drop in quality of players queueing for wz's as well as sheer number of afkers, but thinking adding un-assembled component drops to flash points, uprising and operations would help this out some, probably at slightly less than the amount obtained from pvp. This would help in two ways:


First off, an afker in pvp eventually hits 242 gear, long as they exit the start area and no one votes to kick em, if they do get a vote, go take damage and vote gets cancelled. By providing other sources, should help encourage less players to feel forced to queue pvp to obtain the components to reliably get 242 gear, and as we've seen with DvL and companion quests which force players to pvp, they tend to throw the match and dislike the whole experience.


Second, pve side of the house, its currently clear nightmares or no 242 gear, and average player isn't clearing alot of nightmares, essentially forces the pve focused player to have to pvp to reliably get 242 gear unless they're playing at a nightmare level, where as the lowest quality of player willing to semi afk in pvp will eventually and reliably get enough components to obtain full sets of 242 gear.


I know from a dev standpoint its but you still get crates, thus if the force is with you you'll eventually get your gear... but that feeds back into the fundamental flaw of a RNG based system... someone somewhere will open 14 tier 3 crates and go full 242 yay, someone else will have opened 1400 crates and only seen greens, most of us will get somewhere between these two extremes but the reality is very few I suspect are getting full 242's from the crates, occasional 1-2 pieces of top tier a week with this bonus cxp event going on significantly more likely and that's including duplicates.


Number wise, if unassembled components were to drop in pve as well, the numbers should always slightly favor pvp, due to extra variables in game length/difficulty in pvp, would think something like for veteran flash point 2 final boss, master flash point 1 per boss, 2 per final/bonus boss, SM ops 3 per boss 5 for final, HM ops 5 per boss 8 for final, Nightmare ops 8 per boss 12 for final. Tbh just spit balling numbers here, probably better amounts that could be applied if this change were to be considered and depending on increase of unassembled components on the 28th might have to adjust, but once again in favor of pvp being slightly faster.

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