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How this game is seemingly going down the drain


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I write this post with a somewhat awful taste in my mouth about the direction that this game seems to be heading.


I have come quite dissatisfied with a few aspects of the game. Firstly with Heroics seemed to become a solo event. Fair enough to say in the beginning it was hard to find a group, but at least that was half the fun. And back then the rewards given seemed to be worth the wait and effort of getting a group. Now pfft what a walk in the park they have become. I mean in some respect why even have em. Well I do know why, so the lower levels can get some gear but I still see them as a waste.


Also the game seems to have lost it's depth of story and things to do. After chapter 3 the whole story seems to wail in fulfillment. The first 3 chapters has sustenance with plenty of quests and side quests. Finish those chapters and one starts to think oh what lies ahead. But alas this is where things are lacking. Each chapter there after seems to have bugger all in it. The chapter is short and over before one knows it, why is this? Surely and expansion can be released that will not be completed in a couple of days of game play. I implore the developers to step back and take a good hard look. Ask yourself does it really compare to the first 3 chapters. I think I know the answer, oh and I know that I am not the only one who feels this way. I have seen the server numbers drop. I have asked some people I know why I don't see them on as much any more and the majority answer that the quality of the game has dropped, especially since the 5.0 expansion.


Now I can rant on for several more paragraphs but I think you can understand what I am getting at. As a paid subscriber I am starting to ask myself is it worth playing still for this game, and what other games are out there that I can focus on. Please oh please consider what I have said and before you release the next expansion, ensure that it will have sustenance and depth.

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