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summoning privilages


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Hello there!


So me and my guild master seem to have a problem we was looking for some assistance with.


summoning group members to my position... seems to be a problem.


My GM has given me officer rank and it still says that I don't have the rank to summon, although in other guilds I have been an officer and able to summon.


Do I need the invading planet privilege in with the rank or is there a separate privilege?


Any help would be good.



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The guild leader has to open the guild bank and click the Manage tab. Then pick the rank to give the summon ability to from the dropdown at the top, tick "Withdraw" and enter a Credit Allowance amount. It costs 10k per summon so if you give them 100k Credit Allowance then they can do 10 summons per character.


People with the rank will need to relog if they are logged in when you make the change.

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