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Where Do I Get Schematics?


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I started with some schematics. Then I built them and reverse engineered them to get better ones. After that I'm stuck. Where can I get better ones? My gathering skills are advancing great, but I'm still crafting the most basic stuff.

Go to the crew skill trainer who taught you the skill in the first place.


Costs credits.

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Every few crafting lvls you have more schematics available in your trainer. The ones more importantly are when you start a new grade. Look in your mission skill, when you start a new tier and at the same lvl in crafting you should get the bonded attachment/cell craft/etc for the new tier. At first is every 80 lvl, then 60 and then 50. If i'm not mistaken is like this:

1: 1-80

2: 81-160

3: 161-240

4: 241-300

5: 301-350

From there every 50.

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