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Returning Player looking for PVE Guild [EMP]


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Hey there,


As the title says, I'm a returning player looking to join a larger, active guild (more then 5 active players :D). I'd prefer a guild that uses voice chat (Discord, TS, etc), and would prefer an adult oriented non-religious guild (sorry, my char names all involve the word Sin, so it probably wouldn't be a good match :D).


I'm a daily player with over a decade of MMORPG experience, raided end game content in this game as well as many others, but I play more casually these days. My characters are not maxed level, but with this crazy xp event it doesn't take long!


If you think you have a place for me, please leave me post with some info about your guild and how I can contact you in game :)



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Hi there. If you haven't already found a guild, please feel free to mail my in game character Myopsida, or another guild-mate Malbeast.


We (Onyx) are a small group right now, but looking to grow and do end game content and are more than welcoming of casual players. We recently returned after a few years off the game to do come back and do expansion and end game content. We really value community over anything else so the main rules we have in the guild is just be good people to one another, and have fun.


Hoping to hear from you!

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Please check out Children of Korriban. We are a casual guild and we run multiple events throughout the week, with varying times vary, but we feature nightly events, most of which are raids, some Story Mode, some Hard Mode, along with some PvP, world bosses, etc. Plus, we are famous for our Drunken Gaming Nights! (OK, famous is a stretch, and you don’t have to drink, these are basically social gaming nights; everyone is in Discord laughing and having a good time, Drunken Gaming Night just has a nice ring to it :) )


We love to have fun but we we are also mature enough to know when to shut up and get the raid done. Our members ages range from mid 20s to mid 40s with a few outliers in either direction.


There are usually a good amount of people online on any given night and we are all very willing to help out and run any group mission or activity. We also have a sister guild on the republic side called Toddlers in Tython Security (Stupid name, I know, we’ll explain once you’re in).


We have a guild ship that is fully decked out and a 5 tab guild bank.


All of our information is located in my forum signature below, head over to our website, check us out, and if you like what you see fill out an application.


Thank you for considering us!

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