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Some Content that would include different group numbers 6-12-18 ?


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Maybe i pointed on this once before,but one cant be sure ...

So 6 players that could be for hard mode flashpoints or flashpoints set that way[it would be choosable 4 or 6 group players],or the urprisings,or something new could have this group numbers [6 players].


[specialy id like do some hard mode flashpoints,almost always it seems 4 players are not enought to do them].


There could be as well the PVP arena fight 6 vs 6 ,just i dont know if thats posible in swtor,still doing 4 vs 4 warzones or the big maps [8 vs 8] and nothing between looks bit odd after while.


For 12 - 18 players there could be operation-s for this numbers of players or something new ...



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