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A Few Suggestions


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Heroic: Possessed Hunter

We really need to address the convenience of heroics, and all heroics for that matter. In Dromund Kaas, one of the more highly populated planets at all times of the day. With a population of higher level players going to Dromund Kaas to complete heroics for alliance crates, and a population of lower level players just doing the heroic for experience, this essentially creates a clusterf*** of people just competing for the first hit on Valen Korik, and then having to wait for an unnecessary amount of time for him to respawn. The simple fix here is to just turn it into an instance, drastically decrease the respawn time, or do the same thing they did for Kregg in the Mandalorian Camp on DK where you signal for him to come.


GSF Ships

Specifically with cartel coin bought GSF ships, I didn't know this at first, but I was under the assumption that ships that are bought with cartel coins would be legacy wide, or would be able to be legacy wide. 1800 CC for a ship restricted to only one character is a bit high, and with an experience boost now in effect, and many people leveling their multiple characters, I find the absence of a legacy wide unlock for CC bought GSF ships to be a bit of a horrible investment in general, and should be addressed.


Alliance Crates

So Alliance Crates are RNG, as they should be, since essentially they're free. However the problem that I and many other have with Alliance Crates is that after collecting so many crates, and unlocking so many sets, it becomes pointless to keep doing them. What I mean is if you're looking for a specific set of armor, and you just keep getting duplicates, the duplicates should continue to be serviceable to your goal of getting whatever armor you want. Having a vendor where you can turn in your duplicate items (say you will donate these items back to the alliance), and receive tokens or something of the sort, that can be used towards desired armor pieces. Just a thought.

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Heroic- well I don't have that problem because you just wait 20-30 seconds spamming a range attack till it shows up then it's yours. But if it was like yavin IV commanders (just entering a ongoing fight will make it count) that will fix it.But they won't fix it because they said they won't work-on/fix original story content (first 3 chapters of class story, story arcs, side mission, several heroics, and planetary missions).


GSF- well cartel market items with in game stats don't account for full account unlock (this includes stat given equipment and starship upgrades (space missions) and well galactic star fighter ships (they have stats)) so yeah not going to happen. Only cosmatic items unlock for the account.


Alliance Crates- well RNG is all the crates in game but people would just go for cartel market items as they unlock permanently and useable though out your account. Just mix the good armors from them with some of the stuff you already gotten from alliance crates or cartel market.

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Part 1: why don't all of you antisocoals group to kill him? Then done. For everyone. Its what harbinger players do.


Was caught in the area with about 10 people there waiting for the spawn. Groups only do up to 4 people, and more often than you think, there are more than 4 people there.

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