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SWTOR needs a screenreader for blind players


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Hey guys.


I've been here since Beta.


I have a friend that LOVES Star Wars, and would VERY much enjoy playing SWTOR.

However, he is blind. He has played other games where he could use a "screenreader" to see/feel/experience what is happening on his monitor. He plays and DJs in Second Life using such a device/software.

He has asked me to look into this possibility for SWTOR, and Customer Service told me to post my query here for you.


He sent me this, if it helps any:

I use a screenreader and that the client will need to be able to render the information to the screenreader. if you need to reference the two screenreaders I use, they are http://www.freedomscientific.com and http://www.nvaccess.org


Frankly, I have never considered this idea before.

It was always my theory that blind video game players were probably SOL.

I think it's very cool that they might have a chance to enjoy games like SWTOR, and many others.

I hope you guys can help my friend, and any other visually handicapped players out there.



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Just a fyi but if you're making a suggestion for better accessibility for those of us who have access issues, consider *NOT* using different font and colors in your suggestions and postings. Thanks. Some of us have asked staff to address this issue, especially when we have folks getting a laugh with posting in light gray on the black background but for whatever reason, they have refused to do so.


Frankly, I have never considered this idea before.


Not sure about screenreaders but some of us have asked (and begged) for accessibility in this game. We've been met with pretty much dead silence and in some cases little nastygrams in our inboxes. The only actual response I've received was a single support ticket saying that staff considers any outside enhancement to the game a nono as they consider it an unfair advantage for those players when playing against players without those needs.


In their defense, they may have made a recent attempt to address the issue. Nothing has been stated officially though.



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I would suggest that because SWTOR has a heavy combat element (that is totally lacking in Second Life), it is necessary to be able to see what you are doing - a screen-reader will not be able to keep up, and if your friend is actually totally blind (completely unable to see), moving much further than the starting cinematic scene is likely to be uncomfortably difficult.


Severe tunnel vision at least gives you a chance of seeing the thing your eyes are pointing at, even if you are "legally blind".

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