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Returning Imperial Player Looking for Home


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Just returned a few days ago after a few years rest. Came back for the new content. I am a 46 year old man with too much free time on his hands now, so jumping back into SWTOR to try and achievement hunt and gear my toons up to a decent level to allow small unit work. I haven't done a lot of the flashpoints or operations. I done almost zero in most of the recent content other than the story missions. So star fortresses, rep levelling, uprisings(Not sure what they are)




Level 70 Bounty Hunter

Level 70 Sniper

Level 65 Sorcerer

Level 57 Juggernaut


I have primarily been a solo player my entire SWTOR career with the occasional flashpoint, I have completed the new content on my Bounty Hunter and looking for a friendly mature UK guild. Ideally I would love to experience the old and new group content with fellow guildies to further my experiences in the universe.


There is so much that I dont understand in the game especially all the new gearing options which look confusing...lol


If there are any active guilds out there looking for active players who are willing to do group stuff let me know





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It is not your fail but the guilds mainly recruiting in the game. I also have the same problem some month ago but i was lucky and finde an active guild and play with tham since. If you are interested in joining sand me a private message and I sand an inv IF I have permission to do it :)


In the gearing you have 3 curency:

-command token: You get 5 command tokens after all comand level you get.


- unassembled components: You get this currency after nearly everithing in the game (Fp, Ops, Wz, Rwz...)


-unassembled token: You can get this ONLY in ops. But you can buy it on the fleet by spend command token and unassembled components.


And all the system locked to the command level:

-Tier 1: Command Rank / Level 1-90. Rating 230 gear.

-Tier 2: Command Rank / Level 91 – 180. Rating 234/236 gear.

-Tier 3: Command Rank / Level 181-300. Rating 240/242. gear.

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If you are still looking for a guild you sound like the same type of person that we recruit.


Force Choke Your Banana.

I know the name doesn't really promote the guild to be a manly killing guild or specifically a guild people want to join however we are a group of older players who just like to have fun playing the game without drama or stress.


We do alot of different content together and like to spend time on TS3 talking about both in and out of game content.


You may or may not be the oldest member to join. Currently our oldest memeber is also 46.


Feel free to whisper anyone in game to ask more questions, You can also have a look at our website to get an idea about the guild. FCYB.co.uk


If you prefer to contact me directly you can whisper Laecey, Raizurr or Rai-ne as those are the toons I am normally on.


Good luck and have fun


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