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WTS Pub Guild w/ Flagship and Fully Unlocked Bank (8 Tabs)


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Just as the title says, I am selling my Pub Guild.


Here is some information about it.

Basic Flagship Unlock ~ 50 Mil

All 8 Bank Tabs Unlocked ~ 119.1 Mil

Total paid (out of my own funds): 169.1 Mil

There are a few decorations in the inventory, just don't remember what.


If you wanted to keep the labels as they are...

Guild Name: Fallen Immortals


Rank Names:

  • Dragon ~ GM
  • Vampire ~ Assistant GM
  • Drake ~ GM's Alt
  • Fate ~ Council Member
  • Harpy ~ Sr. Officer
  • Banshee ~ Officer
  • (never named) ~ Sr. Member
  • Saint ~ Member
  • Golem ~ Jr. Member
  • Mortal ~ Recruit


Flagship: Phoenix Rising (no expansions)


Current Members: Myself The GM (Xìne) [NOTE: To make the "ì" , use Alt code ALT+0236] and two other accounts.



I know I'm not going to get full money back for what I put into it, But I'd like to see some offers.


My Pub Accounts are: Xìne (GM of guild for sale), Toygaress, Hydrixim, Meryx

My Imps are: Sixam ('m here the most), Shemtet, Endo'Sym, Xelhes/


Thank you for reading my wall of text.

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