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<Onyx> Recruiting (Imperial: The Harbinger)


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<Onyx> is looking for more mature, dedicated members. We are small and in no hurry to grow (yeah, I just said that). Our founding members are a father, a son and a best friend (also an honorary son) -- all mature adults. We have a combined experience playing MMO's that measures in the decades, and our experience has taught us that the fun in these games is in the relationships we build and not the numbers we put up.


<Onyx> is not a brand new guild, but we have "rebooted" the guild after an extended hiatus. Upon returning to SWTOR the three of us went scorched-earth on our accounts with our intention being to gradually add a few members to the guild--but only as needed--until we can build a few regular, stable groups to knock out OPS on a regular, but casual, basis.


If you're interested in having some fun through building relationships, feel free to send an in-game message to Malbeast, Myopsida, or Vallemont via tell or mail.

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