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Dark VS Light Boss fights seem bugged


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I have been doing Dark VS Light bosses with my guild since they came out. We have been sticking to Dromund Kass, Tatooine and Alderaan. We took a break for a bit and started up again today. Well, we are having a lot of difficulty trying to down these bosses.


When we first pull, all the first and maybe second wave of circles are completely invisible. On top of that, On Alderaan, the boss is hitting me for upwards of 4800 damage. I'm a tank and only have 9325 health MAX because of the debolster. This isn't a special move, these are auto attacks and if mitigation doesn't proc and reduce it, that's what he is hitting me for. Then we have the AOE stun, the stun does around 1000 damage, 700 if you have 30% stun dmg reduction, well when he first pops that then circles, That's at least half the raid dead. The Stun is doing way too much damage, if a healer gets hit they are most likely going to die without defensives or heals from other players. If they break the stun, they will take full damage (No 30% stun reduction buff). They might get stunned in circles and that's a guaranteed death. The circles (blue ones) do 3300 a hit. This is on a tank too. 3 hits and im gone, and there is a lot of melee stacked right on me. The bosses also do a saber throw that hits around 6000+. This generally targets people who are low on health and kills them. The damage is about the same on Tatooine.


Dromund Kass seems a bit easier, but we still experience a lot of deaths.


We mostly have guildies in the raid group, but not always. We usually have to pug some, and on off hours usually pug a good portion. I know we have better results with a full guild run but this seems just rather over tuned.

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