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I can't open the tutorial index


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The only chance I get to view the tutorial is when a tutorial pop op occurs, otherwise the tutorial index doesn't open. Clicking either the "New" or "Read" tick boxes doesn't do anything. And clicking on "Click here to remove filters" doesn't do anything either. I don't know what else I can do.
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First off, I'm sorry to hear that you've been experiencing this little Tutorial issue, but I'm fairly certain I happen to have the solution to ultimately resolve this problem - as I've been undergoing a similar nuisance as of late.


Like yourself, whenever opening-up the Tutorial by either pressing T or using the 'Main Menu Bar' from the User Interface under the 'Settings' tab (the one with the small COG logo), the Tutorial (and Tutorial Index) both open fine, but fail to display anything - even after toggling various filters and such.


Thankfully, I managed to find a relatively simple work-around after tinkering around a little. Now, instead of using the 'Menu Bar' to open the Tutorial, simply press the 'ESC' key to bring-up another 'Options Menu' of sorts, and then scroll-down to the 'Tutorials' tab about half-way down the list. From there, everything should open-up just fine and you'll have full access to the Tutorial / Tutorial Index.


Anyhow, the tutorial glitching-out lately from the main menu bar is an odd presentation, but at least there's a temporary answer / work-around until the devs check into this conundrum. Well, I hope this helps ya out there buddy 'ol pal.

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