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Nikerbop: Appreciation. I just had to say "Thank you!" for the latest expansions.


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In 2012, I started grad school. MSIT with a specialization in Business Analysis. Took a course every term, and it took me 3 years to complete. I was able to do that thanks to my family, who were big supporters. SWTOR compared to other games was the only gaming outlet I could work on in short stints here and there whenever I was able to get things completed ahead of schedule. Playing SWTOR was the reward I gave myself for continuing to push forward. During that time, I worked on getting the original chapters done for all 8 classes.


I took a break from the game because, to be honest, I have never been a fan of the Hutt cartels - that is just my personal preference. I did play through the content on one character, but that was it. Then Revan came out. Work was too busy along with life, so I never got to it. Then Knights of the Fallen Empire...then Knights of the Eternal Throne. Finally, a couple of months ago, I regained my gaming drive and thought, "Okay, I've got the freebie levels. Let's check things out."


Since the first character I leveled to 70, I have completely re-engaged in the game and love every bit of it. I missed playing the Revan content on the first 60 boosted character, so I tried going through it on my second character, and wow! So much leading up into the Knight expansions, made the whole experience even more engaging with all the characters. I was hooked. Three 70s and two in the upper 60s later, I look forward to the time after work on long days to jump into this amazing world that has been created and not only "get my game on," also get my imagination going again.


I was a kid who saw the first Star Wars movie at the age of 7. I'm 46 now. My love for the world Lucas created with Star Wars has been a part of my personal fabric almost my entire life. I work in an HR Technology area, so computers have always been a part of my life since about 12, and childhood gaming (on an Atari) was lost until about 15 years ago when someone introduced me to Unreal Tournament. So, when I say that the amount of immersion you developers provided in Revan, and even more so in the Knight expansions, was enthralling and I loved every minute of them...I'm saying that from deepest part of the heart.


Thank you for providing such an interactive experience where the player really becomes more a part of the cinematics and a part of the world that is The Old Republic. Thank you for FINALLY getting us into something bigger than Sith vs. Republic - human nature gravitates and grows when such a cause is present compared to the crap that continuously divides people from each other. (We get enough out of real life with that anyway.) Thank you for providing Arcann with an amazingly fresh voice. (I've seen post where people complained his voice didn't match him. I will argue that one. The first time I heard him speak without his headgear after being healed....it rocked! So please keep up the fantastic voice acting selections you have for the characters. You nailed the voices in the Knight expansions so perfectly!) Thank you for delivering something so fun and involved and intriguing like you did with the latest expansions, and keep up that great sense of the world now created. Maybe younger gamers can't appreciate what as adults we see more clearly.


Thank you, thank you, thank you for what you've done so far - I can't wait to see the creative and expanding story that is SWTOR.



a grateful lady gamer

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