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Returned player - how to get PvP-Gear now? Impossible and confusing.


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So I resubbed after 2-3 month not playing. Played through story, am lv70 now.


First thing I saw: PvP-stats are gone.

Simply removed. No recompensation.

Why did I even bother farming 208 ranked gear on all my 16 twinks?

Now it's just very bad PvE gear without the PvP-stats.

What a slap in the face.


Then, there are no PvP-merchs, so you'll have to do PvE Group content to get gear for PvP.

Eeeeh, no, that is not why I play SWTOR. I really don't like the PvE in SWTOR.

In every normal MMO, you have to play PvP to get PvP gear.

I just want to login and find a quick match with whatever class I want to play.

Now, this seems impossible.


Looking at the prices in the AH, 230 gear is gonna be costly if you want all parts + augments. (and those don't even have a set bonus, right?)

If you even want to augment that, because imho you should save the augments for the 240 gear.


Maybe it seems low priced to you, but I'm playing SWTOR since years, I'm from an era in which 4 million credits was considered much money.

SWTOR had one of the most stable economies of all MMOs, but then the "cartel market team" directly played into the hands of the goldsellers with the Kylo Ren-Lightsaber and inflation happened ever after.

Now stuff is at 100 million credits, which you can't realistically have if you do not either :

1) buy cartel coins and sell shop items/packs (Bioware profits)

2) buy from goldsellers (goldsellers profit)


The PvP-merchants should never have been removed.

This new gearing changes are way to confusing, people like me don't know where to get what, ending up doing nothing at all.


Forcing people to play PvE to get gear for PvP, which is just PvE gear anyways, is just horrible.

Every PvE-bob can mess up your BG/Ranked because they have the BIG operation gear which is most likely better then your gear, and then they totally fail.

Before 5.0, people that had PvP-gear were expected to know atleast some PvP-basics.

PvE-bobs listing PvP were beeing shunned.


Also, where are the alternative X-A/ X-B components?

I use to stack HP on my Jugger tank, as all the cds go with %HP, therefore I exchanged most of the components from the original 208 ranked gear with those 208 X-A/X-B components from the pvp component merchant.

Doesn't really seem like those exist anymore, do they?


Before 5.0, SWTOR had a great PvP-system. Now things seem impossible and confusing, and from the few people actually doing PvP I hear that it is as broken and unbalanced as never before.

This is not really why I returned. Can I maybe get my money back somewhere?

I mean the KOTET-story is nice and everything, but after that there's really nothing to do for me.

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If you have full 208 gear, I recommend you augment the shells using max augs. You can buy 228 purp enhancements, mods and armoring from GTN for ~60K. 208 bolster pretty well in WZs.


I would recommend 240 hilts/armoring/barrel from GTN if you can afford them :( (5-6 million each). These do make a huge difference on damage/healing output.


Ironically, PvP (GSF actually) is the fastest way to currently gear.


Beside that, not much really can be done. You wait for your luck in Galactic Command. The unassembled components are gained at an extremely slow rate. The system is convoluted and stupid.

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Here is what you do if you were a pvp player before 5.0 assuming you have full 208 pvp gear.

Go and do story ops for gear pieces and get command crates. Assemble that way full 230 purple. Then do pvp and upgrade it with comms. I upgraded 5 pieces so far just through ranked pvp.

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