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Ideas and Brainstorming for new Weapons Sets , Planets and Flashpoints


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i just wanted to post new ideas for weaponssets and more . Check up the following lists of my ideas :


1) Set of Ludo Kressh, as the worst enemy of Naga sadow , he has to get a chance in the Kartell Market

2) The holy set of King Adas, as the eldest Sith Lord, he must be there

3) The Set of Darth Vindican, as the master of Darth Malgus it is necessary

4) The Set of Sorzus Syn, as the grey Jedi and friend of Ajunta Pall it must be....

5) The set of Lord Simus, as the worst enemy of Naga sadow it is a " Must ", too


Planets :

1) Onderon, the Kingdom of Freedon Nadd

2) Prakith , the Castle of Darth Andeddu

3) Endor, The forest

4) Malachor 3


Flashpoints :

1) Open the bridge in front of the wildland of Korriban, that would be an idea

2) The Grave of Ludo Kressh or Xooxaan would be an alternative

3) The palace of Onderon with the baselisks


Weapons :

1) Ludo Kresshs War Sword

2) Naga Sadows War Swords

3) The holy axes of King Adas

4) The light saber of Ajunta Pall


These are my ideas for the Bioware Team and a theme for discussing.





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