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Two requests


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I posted about this in General Class chat, but I suppose this is an appropriate place as well, so I'll mention it here too.


I can't play my Trooper. It's just unpleasant to do.

Using Gunnery, I'm forced to use Boltstorm, which looks terrible.

Using Assault, I'm forced to giggle constantly, which is irritating and out of character.

Using Medic, I've got next to no damage output, as every offense uses so much power.


So, I'm making two requests. They're requests that have been made before, but to my knowledge there's never been any comment.


1. The giggle has to go, or at least be made an option (for ALL classes). This was requested and granted, but then changed back despite the suggestion it be made optional.


2. Let us choose to replace powers (eg. Boltstorm replacing Full Auto or Aegis Assault replacing Sunder). Simply add it to the powers list instead of replacing the existing power, but make both powers run on the same cooldown (so there's no way to use both at once).


I can't emphasize how much these seemingly trivial things are impacting my game. I really, really want to play my Trooper, but these little aesthetic things are just ruining the experience.

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