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Wow (Returning Player) The PVP scene on JC has turned a new Chapter.


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Well its been a year since my last post/attempt {Suiçide Squad} to tilt the PVP scales back to the Republic side. I must say these last couple of days have dramatically changed my outlook/confidence so much that I'm saluting you guys (Pubs)...great job. Well, I've been fortunate to find a home for my Rep. toon (Sister Sabathíel) and was wondering if there is a Imp guild that I (Khårne) can also contribute with PVP/Cq. I'd also be interested in doing some ops if possible; I'm very unseasoned with respect to the SWTOR PVE but I do have some experience raiding (WoW, Rift).....in closing... I'm just glad to be back & hope to have fun... Edited by Deadpoole
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