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Kinda sad we can't transfer that Boosted 60 Gear to new characters...


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It sucks that they changed the starting gear for boosted characters to be character bound instead of Legacy bound, some of that gear looked really cool. I would like to see this stuff become available for nonboosted characters again at some point. Maybe they could throw them on a vendor somewhere for everyone to buy, boosted characters would just have the advantage of getting them for free.


Or perhaps, since they're associated with specific classes, we could unlock different sets in Collections through class achievements of some sort. Like getting to 70 and completing Eternal Throne on a specific class, maybe have some other criteria in there as well.


For anyone wondering, here's all the starting gear for boosted characters:


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If you want them cosmaticly you can get some sets from alliance supply crates some set vary on what crate you hand in. Also I've seen several other sets before KotFE came out (bounty hunter set I've seen in the legacy window/global unlocks/species/Rattataki). And some are from cartel market.


But for stat boosting wise you should of done DvsL champion level to get victorious pioneer armor set as that boosts you over 5k (with all datacrons unlocked) health at level 1 (higher than starter planet level sync) plus XP boosts that will get you to 70 at tatooine (story, side mission, story arc and after story, and heroics)(faster with legacy boosts).

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