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Accepting the grind, only to get ****ed over.


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You guys are kidding right? It's a joke right?

Come on, I spent about a half a week grinding for this and I play solo. Just to get a piece that doesn't have the correct setbonus on it.


As you can SEE in the picture, the 7 pieces listed are called Vindicator and not Weaponmaster.

This also goes for the current Vindicator pieces in the shop the seven pieces are called Weaponmaster.

I even had the issue with galactic command giving me vindicator gear though it's still weaponmaster bonus?? :rak_02:

https://gyazo.com/ed4297b64fd61078b52cfe8cacff8694 - Vindicator but weaponmaster bonus. OK. :rak_02:

Why are all the setbonuses swapped, I do not understand.


Vindicator has always been DPS Juggernaut.


Weaponmaster has always been Marauder.


War Leader hasn't been messed with.


Want weaponmaster bonus? = Vindicator. Want vindicator bonus? = Weaponmaster.

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you already have a thread on this same topic not even three threads down from here, come on man ;)


That was posted five days ago and did not get a view/post till I posted this one ironically.

Along with that it was originally containing different info, before I got the piece.

Now I have obtained it and uncovered something different. I'd prefer if anything the old one being deleted, I didn't expect it to be semi grave dug.

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