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develop the end game with player input


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So, transparency - I've really not logged on too much since the end of the DvL run where I basically replayed the game for 8 characters enough to get the achievements. In truth, I have probably spent more time of my life in this game than it merits, which is the only reason I am troubled at all by the idea of leaving it behind for good. I have my reasons though, and when I logged in today and discussed some of them with friends, I find that nothing has really substantively improved.


That said, since this is the suggestion box, here's some suggestions.

- At the very least, read through old change logs and realize why design improvements have been made over time. The removal of token pieces from bosses isn't an oversight, it's an absolutely reckless failure of understanding. A very simple of how loot progression changed from the days of pure RNG boxes in 1.0 would have made this patently obvious. The new system is marginally improved, but still is far from ideal for anyone who plays more than one character.

- Crafting end game items:

1: patterns dropping is a nice idea, far from perfect, but a nice gesture towards allowing people to upgrade gear. That said, it's an absolute slap to people who would work for getting that extra piece of gear in order to be among a tighter crowd creating gear and making some GTN profit.

2: finally, with the amount of companions available to us, we have a marginally expanded capacity to send them out on resource missions. good... but increased costs didn't match increased generation of resource, so it's a much larger credit sink. Balance, people. Balance.

3: who the #$*! decided that it was a good idea to make an upper level item require the following: primary resource generated item, content available drop item, matched non-gathering item, AND unmatched slicing item. My suggestion for that set of geniuses is to sit four to a bar stool. If we aren't going to be allowed more than a primary skill and 2 ancillary skills, then there should not be a third skill required item needed to craft; especially one that is the critical result item and is not available through scrap vendors. Seriously, four to a barstool.

- If you are going to have people re-run the story, redo the crafting, press characters to upper levels, all for the sake of an event; do not magnanimously give out extra character slots AFTER THE EVENT with the expectation that the whimsy little subs will be ok with having rolled, deleted, rerolled... just to have all the free space they would have needed afterwards.


I had a small army decently well geared and could play pretty much whatever role I pleased. Now I just don't care because it's just not worth the amount of time it would take.

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