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gmae update 5.3


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I would like to see 5.3 have a new warzone and new pvp arena. For pve raid boss number 2. no story you can do a big story update with 5.4 and raid boss 3 and maybe a new GSF map.



ps fix RNG maybe have raids boss drop gear increase like boss 1 have 50% boss 2 60% boss 3 70% boss 4 80% and boss 5 100%. and components requirement reduced

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Idk yet but there is no crafting plans yet for 246 tank and dps mods.

There is just 246 DPS and Tank Armoring plans available yet, i hope they add the other plans to

in 5.3...


PS: Good Work BioWare on Iokath it is Amazing!:rak_03:

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