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Communication feedback and cxp suggestion/question


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First, kudo's for the level of communication in the dev forum the last two weeks. I hope this trend continues. It really helps when the faith in the game direction wavers for some of us. Even bad news is better than no news.


Now on to cxp.


First the question.


Why CXP? Perhaps I missed a post some place, but after all the years with a pretty straight forward path to improving gear this was a pretty shocking and abrupt direction change. I don't recall seeing why there was a need to implement such a big change to the game.


Now for the suggestions.

1st suggestion

CXP. Regardless of whatever restrictions you apply there will always be that group that plays 24/7 to max it out. I am excluding those since they will find a path no matter the obstacle. I imagine, based on the friends I have and what I've seen over the years the majority of players have 10 - 15 hours per week to spend in the game. Obviously there is a bell curve around that range so some fall above and some fall below.


Why not change the cxp payout rate to equate to 1 level every 30 minutes regardless of the activity. This would allow the casual player an opportunity to get some progression in regardless of which aspect of the game they play. From what I've seen this would require increasing it for some things such as the heroics and story. To me the harder content warrants more, balanced by the fact that not all players can or want to do master stories or nightmare operations.


2nd suggestion

Increase cxp top level to 400 and add a factor for improving drops

281 - 10%

300 - 35%

350 - 55%

400 - 75%


I mean really, if someone reaches those higher levels should the drops not be better? Otherwise what is the point behind any level beyond 181? Way too much of a gamble now. I wanted a Star Wars MMO not a gambling game.


3rd suggestion

Add paths to augment gear based on the component system.

Add component drops to uprisings, flashpoints, heroics, and stories (more the higher the difficulty is).

This gives everyone an opportunity to improve their gear without having to PVP. I know you've seen the comments over the years (angry posts from pve'ers like me who hate PVP, and angry posts from PVP'ers about the wave of PVE players who do not know what to do in PVP, but who are forced to do it to upgrade gear now). I loathe PVP and I know I'm not alone.


4th suggestion

Return operation passes to the game or let preferred or FTP players do the first storymode boss in an operation. This is a source of revenue for Bioware and let's non-subscribers try out operations. Many will like it and either subscribe or buy the passes on the cartel market ($$).

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