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I recently returned to this game since i quit the game just as when they introduced the new skill tree system. Recently completed my Marauder up level 52. A lot has changed since i was really active with pve and pvp stuff.


Now that you get a good xp boost as a sub, you/i can really focus on class missions and do less grinding. With my Marauder i took Jeassa as a healer and soloed the weekly heroics 2+ on every new planet before continung on class missions for the gear and xp advantage later on. But... what i hated was being so reliant on the healing (of course from not having any focus or shield) from her and her not doing any damage at all to them.


Now.. i know before all these big changes, i could solo heroics with a undergeared companions with their actual dps/tank role really good with a Jugg, Powertech and Sage... assasin too until i got the boss.


So what class can now do solo heroics with the companion with their tank/dps role and not have to think about healing? As i recently saw, was that Commando/Merc are still squishy even with a high level and still have to be reliant on healing from companion. I guess tank assasins doesn't get really tanky untill level 32'ish now.

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