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Bring back 3.0


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To be absolutely honest, this game went downhill fast when 4.0 came around, I have been playing since pre-release, bought the CE of the game (First waste of money here) Subscribed forever, and bought Cartel coins for that extra edge in levelling. But now i see no point in playing anymore.


The challenge of doing NiM no longer exists, mainly due to the insane grinding of Cxp, even 16 man TC HM is impossible to complete these days unless you have a group with tier 3 gear. Even then it is probably a challenge, but i wouldn't know, as i am still using 220 armourings for the set bonus because these crates keep giving me earpieces and implants, which is very useful NOT!. Gearing use to be fun, it use to bring guild members together, It use to lead you into endgame content. But alas, those days are gone now, will they ever come back? I for one am not hopeful.


PvP is a joke now. Expertise no longer exists, and unless you have a solid 4 man team you are doomed to enter Ranked at your own peril. 4 out of 5 times you are paired up with people who do not know their characters, and other times you are up against an impossible foe to defeat (4 snipers) and your team consists of 3 sorcerers. Gearing as a PvP'er is a complete joke, and a waste of time.


Alts no longer exists in my gameplay, having reached tier 2 stage, after a long grind of uprisings and PvP on my main, the thought of having to do that hard long grind again for an Alt is depressing. Why gives us the incentive to complete 8 story classes, then banish our Alts to the pit? It does not make any sense?


I love my assassin, he is deception DPS spec, but i also love tanking with him, alas something i can not even comprehend doing without the gear needed, and again, there is a problem.


BW/EA need to focus on the gamers, they need to listen. Since 4.0 came around, I started to lose faith in the game, and mainly did PvP. Now that excitement has gone. 5.0 ruined that for me, and now 5.1 is the final nail in my proverbial coffin.


I for one of thousands have decided not to subscribe again, when my sub is finished (2 months left of a 6 month sub) I will be following the rest of the guild, and leaving this disaster behind.


If something isn't broken, don't try and fix it. Maybe BW/EA need to take a good long hard look at these forums, realise the frustration this gaming community is going through, and actually, for once listen.

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I'm purely responding to the title.


The class balance was much worse in 3.0 than it is now, granted it eventually got scaled back down, but it was a good 8months+ of chaos. Including to terrible class balance 3.0 had extreme lag issues, I don't want those again as I can play ultra in even Odesson where i've had multiple frame issues before and they are non existent now.


What we have right now is literally just a confusing version lv 55 gearing system with only one currency but three stages of shells. Then the galactic command is just a bonus RNG that may give you something to shorten the grind.


Balance i'd say is better but, not perfect as bounty hunters as a whole need work and help. So many things they could do to adjust them both, but hopefully in time they'll get to it. The games way more playable than 3.0 was, I don't fancy getting 40k Cell bursts in the face when my HP pool is only 60k? Was it? Yeah not really that fun, if you don't remember what all the classes could do in 3.0 and how bad the balance was i'd suggest looking it up, Merc, Mara and OP were the only ones not really worth looking at as they were gimped compared to the rest, one of them more so than the rest.

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