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Item Preview - invisible is new black.


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For while there is problem with item preview,the gears doesnt show up on preview properly or they do show properly but for one secound and revert to original preview or blackens the previewing piece of armor,so there is no armor at all,other situation is the body parts of on preview go missing or whole character go invisible on preview[somethimes showing only curent chest piece of armor].

I wonder about something,since to swtor been added categorization of items weapons/mounts for collections this previews started be broken more often,i certainly hope its not becoz of that,becoz that categorization is good thing.

But it might be related to something completely different that i not exactly understand,but the bug did show up some time like year ago or longer.

The new armors from vendors almost cant be pre-viewed correctly,it take multiple clicks to get atleast one secound preview of the item/armor.


I dont know maybe create whole new system to preview gears [if thats even posible] not be bad idea,not just tempering with old system and figuring out how to fix old system of preview to not cause more glitches.


Edit - Would be cool if we could preview whole armor sets from collections [etc.] with one click,thats actualy good idea that someone hinted to me.



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Known issue for eons. If you type 'preview' in the Search Community box at the upper right and click on the Search button, you should see lots of previous discussion on it.


You may even want to edit your title and replace 'new' with 'old' :)

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