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The Paragons Covenant, Sith Empire-Alliance RP. Recruiting!


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Quick Info


Guildmaster: Thanadan


Officers: Utzire Dvirat, Kiran, Lunar 'Ven, Lycryss, Akelis, Antroz.


Lieutenants: Lequei Fett, Ghorbash, Aricev, Fupan/Bexamushu, Vinzago/Moff Drelyn, Silence


Guild Faction: Empire.


Guild Type: Casual-Heavy Imperial/Allied factions RP guild.


Guild Stronghold/Flagship: Yes.


Out-of-Game chat: Discord.


Enjin Site: paragonscovenant.enjin.com






What we are


The Paragons Covenant is the result of an operation and concept created by a small cadre of Sith and Military officials in the Empire to create a lasting bastion within the Imperial ranks that would be able to reliably keep order and forge unity between its members in order to influence the Empire in a more efficient direction. Though the operation was originally a botched attempt on several fronts, it was picked up a final time by Darth Tarasirs and got a significant amount of traction, leading to many different individuals to gather in order to sign up for the operation, whose other primary purpose was to act as a responder force to combat threats against the Empire and its sovereignty, wether internal or external.


Since, the Covenant has grown in many different circles, incorporating the fledgling Clan Yashi of the Mandalorians into its ranks at the time, aswell as a growing troop of freelancers, vast amounts of Sith and a fair amount of Military assets. Their recent surge of influence has propelled them to a position to further their goals, and will stop at nothing to protect the Empire from its enemies. They operate from within a confidential location known only to the higher echelons of the Alliance and those that have recieved knowledge of it through the Covenant itself, an Embassy on Yavin 4 built out of an old Massassi temple and dedicated to relations with Imperial-aligned factions, and housing the Covenant's own. By having a respected standing with imperial allies, and remaining in the good graces of the Empire most of them derive from, they are in a highly coveted position to influence galactic events, if they so wish it.






Who we are


We here at <The Paragons Covenant> are a relaxed and easy-going RP group of guildies that wishes to find a healthy balance between interactions among individual characters and the overarching narrative of the guild story. With the guild being a bit open-ended in its potential goals and allegiances, (though primarily Imperial, first and foremost) we are able to include and consider a wide variety of different characters and thus a wide variety of different stories to the guild. Characters with higher titles such as Moffs, Admirals, Darths and Lords would be welcomed, provided that they were a good fit, and we strive to offer a fair bit of everything within the guild.


Our primary recruitment goal at the moment is to acquire more non-force using characters for our branches, especially the medical and military ones. Though we would naturally not cut recruitment of others despite this goal. Basically, we are looking for good people that want a guild that wishes to provide a safe and friendly environment for its members. If you contribute to RP where you are able and make the effort to get to know people in the guild, you are off to a good start. If you further prove that you are a compatible player that doesn't cause unnecessary drama and can be trusted to maintain a respectful behavior then you are exactly what we are looking for.






The Ranks and the Rules


Currently there are seven ranks in the guild, and all but two are based on your part to play in the guild OOCly, and has no correlation to your characters importance or individual power ICly. The exceptions being "Paragon Director and "Paragon Advisor", because these people/characters are ICly in charge of a branch. Though the ranks have an IC reason to be named as such, they are mostly informal and seldomly spoken. The ranks are:


Covenants Herald (Guild leader )

Paragon Director (IC/OOC Leader of a branch. Full Officer and assistant lead.)

Paragon Advisor (IC/OOC second in command of a branch. RP Officer and enabler)

Director Alt (Officers alt to allow officers access to officer priviledges in a pinch.)

Advisor Alt (Alt for second-in-commands, same reasoning as Advisor alts. )

Paragon (Standard Member)

Chosen (Recruit, 2 week trial period, might be shortened on a case by case basis depending on dedication and activity.)


Click this to get a comprehensive list of the guild policy, as seen on our Enjin site. However, they can be summarised as such: Be civil, respect others in all that you do or say, don't cause drama and be a team player. We won't demand activity from you for you to be in the guild, but if you join we will atleast hope that you are around enough for us to get to know you some!





What we offer


We have a fully unlocked and furnished Dromund Kaas stronghold which is ICly placed within an outpost situated in the jungles of Taral V. Its main function is to exist as a studying and training ground for the various Sith apprentices that are being mentored within the Covenant, whereas a personal Yavin 4 Stronghold is being utilised as an official IC headquarters. We also have more than twenty regularly active and available members that are on during different times of the day, rather consistently keeping us fairly active at most times with six people online being a regular figure, at times spanning up to being 17 or so players online at once, with the current noted record going up to thirty players online at the same time.


The guild flagship was bought some time ago and has recieved all of its expansions fully furnished, and is mostly being used for RP scenarios and is close to being finished. We host events regularly, though with infrequent intervals. One a week is the current guaranteed figure, with an overarching guild storyline presently ongoing, which is going parallel with the story of Knights of the Eternal Throne. We have currently gone past Vaylin's attack on Odessen and slowly leading up to the events of Iokath and beyound.


The Paragons Covenant is a guild that allows for many different types of characters to sign up, and one that has plenty of more room to grow and be developed. We love to get new ideas and will try to utilise as many of these as possible in helping the guild to grow and evolve. So when or if you try to join, give us suggestions and friendly pointers, we will see what we may do to implement things. Lastly, we have a well-used Discord channel for voicechat, textchat and RP.





How to join



We will require all of our members that apply through Enjin and the game to visit our site and do the application there. This is to get a better notion of who we are letting inside the guild, learning a bit about you, the player, and your character aswell as we consider the application. During the process one of the officers will be speaking to you if needed, so keep an eye on your app in case you get comments on it. We require you to list in the application which branch you want your character to belong to(see branches below), however there are ways for your character to be part of several at once due to RP circumstances. (Being part of intelligence as an agent but masquerading as standard military, a Sith dedicating their knowledge to understanding dark side healing and ends up in the science branch but still contributes to the academy etc..)


If your application is approved, one of the officers or the guildmaster will meet up with you as soon as possible to have an IC interview, in order to introduce your character into the guild through RP for a seamless transition. However, if your character for IC reasons happen to not be a good fit due to reasons such as ICly threatening or insulting someone who would likely be their superior, then there is still a chance that your character may not be able to join the guild.


However, the exact scenario that you want to play out to get your character joined can be discussed and decided upon between you and the officer(s) that you talk to. It does not have to be a generic meeting if you do not want it to be. When your IC interview is done and approved, you will officially recieve the invitation to join the guild.






The Branch Structure



Currently, there are six individual branches for RP within the Paragons Covenant, however keep in mind that you are not necessarily required to have a character fit in to any of the existing niches. Each branch is led by a "Director", who in turns has an "Advisor" to act as their right hand in leading the branch both ICly and OOCly. These two individuals for each branch are responsible for ICly and OOCly recruiting people for the branch they are leading in particular, aswell as acting to solve conflicts between members and encourage aswell as enable for the specific RP the branch caters to, in regards to the branch itself and the rest of the guild. Members may potentially be part of several branches at once, such as be part of the Covenants military but in secret being one of its agents aswell. The branches are:




Operations Group 13


Originally spearheaded by Moffs Arakanam Dousantaire and Ducaine Voutair, respectively, Operations Group 13 was formed to give a common belonging to all of the armed imperial forces under the Covenants cause and banner. Its purpose is twofold: Secure the Covenant's military objectives and assist the Empire where there is need for additional personnel. The Navy and Army personnel look to Lord Antroz for leadership, and to Moff Drelyn for army matters aswell as the coordination of special forces squads, governing and logistical support


Together, Lord Antroz and Moff Drelyn lead matters pertaining to the Covenant's Naval and Army forces, act as part of the command of the Covenant's flagship, the Sovereign's Convergence, while simultaneously acting as the main imperial commanders within the powerbase aside from Darth Tarasirs himself. The Operations Group has gone through various iterations of leadership and organization before finally solidifying itself into a well-oiled machine, ready to engage the enemies of the Empire wherever their attention turns.


One of the predecessors of Lord Antroz was a man known as Moff Riehl, thought to be an honorable and efficient imperial with a focus on the Empire's wellbeing. But his was a fate that befell many in the past as he became misguided by his own ambitions, misled by his wrongful and treasonous convictions. The rogue Moff betrayed the Empire and claimed a portion of the Operations Group's assets as his own while a brief conflict was waged between the Covenant and the traitors until they were driven into hiding. Answers are sought while the Covenant's forces gear up for conflict once again upon Iokath and elsewhere. Simple soldiers, special forces, navy operators and pilots, aswell as various imperial officers are exactly what this branch caters to.



The Outriders



The Outrider Initiative is an effort to form a loosely based conglomerate of Able bodied citizens, Freelancers, Mercenaries, Bounty Hunters and Underworld types in order to tie them together under the cause of the Covenant. It was once formed by order of Darth Tarasirs in order to keep the Freelance individuals within the Covenant organised, trained and supplied. For this endeavour he originally chose an enigmatic information broker known publically only as "Auren", aswell as a

master thief and smuggler, Hayden Vale, for the task of rounding up the rest and command the efforts of the Outriders.


Illicit deals are encouraged in the right locations, and further associations with the many mercenary elements within the galaxy are endorsed, as the Outriders become the gateway to the galactic Underworld. Having straddled the line between a highly efficient private military to a relaxed and opportunistic band of freelancers, the Outriders eventually settled for being what they were always meant to be, a band of brothers and sisters making credits and taking names. Two long-time veterans eventually took up the reins of command of the now well known outfit, these two being the Mandalorian warrior Akelis and his right hand man in the form of the pirate Ghorbash. Together they were chosen to lead these independant elements and turn them into a professional and highly qualified force of Contract Operators, handling the work that the Imperial Military and other clients handed down to them.


Freelance individuals not part of any factions, criminals wanting a better deal by signing up with something reputable, Smugglers, Bounty hunters and various mercenaries are what the Outriders will mainly consist of, and what they will keep an eye out for. Any individual with neutral affiliation can be included within it, Civilians included.


The Phantom Cell



An Intelligence network that exists without the knowledge of the Covenant at large, and officially doesn't exist as far as most others are concerned, the Phantom Cell is an official extension of Sith Intelligence operating on a covert basis to supply the Covenant with its fair share of spies and information. It simultaneously acts as an attempted project to resolodify Sith Intelligence and strenghten it back up to the state it was prior to the multiple conflicts caused by the Zakuulan invasion.


While originally only a small group of spies under Spymaster Xalazar and the synthetic construct known as Coordinator Milla that masqueraded as a special forces group, the Phantom Cell has grown to become a large and well hidden extension of Sith Intelligence. With its deeply entrenched position and easily deniable existance, the Cell can coordinate with the higher echelons of the Ministry of Intelligence in order to safeguard the Empire from within, and give it the upper hand. They adhere to orders from their supposed superiors while under cover to maintain their secrecy, but answer to and recieve commands directly from Darth Tarasirs himself.


As the Phantom Cell grew, so too did its assets. Now able to have a hand, an ear and an eye wherever they require within the Covenant, their work goes unnoticed as the agents and operatives within carry out their lives appearing as soldiers, mercenaries and anything else inbetween to keep their existance secret. Having gone through a long line of leaders throughout the Covenant's existance, the cell finally ended up being the mandate of a Sith known as Kiran Seer and her Advisor, "Silence", who blend in with the rest of the powerbase's own while planning with Darth Tarasirs in the shadows how best to utilize the agents for the Empire's betterment.


The Gar Ka'rta Coalition


An evolution of concepts, the Gar Ka'rta Coalition rose to prominence when more and more Mandalorian Clans surged through to join the Covenant's organization, and became active in the space of the Sith Empire to work alongside it as valuable and useful allies. Though distrusted within the Sith Empire at large largely due to their current association with the Eternal Alliance, their previous pact with the Sith Empire and Mandalore the Avenger's focus on survival make them fit in well within the general operations of a diplomatic powerbase such as the Covenant, having had both the time and the care needed to establish themselves within it.


The previous Coalition of Clans within the Covenant consisting of Clan Yashi, Clan Devaroo and a large number of individuals working in tandem with them became the Gar Ka'rta upon the inclusion of Clan Mereel and its allies, forging strong bonds with the current caretakers of the coalition, even rising to a leading position within it as Alor Lycryss Mereel was granted the reins of leadership by the Coalition. When the skilled and traditional Clan Mirshko forged itself a name of its' own, their paths crossed with the Covenant, and Alor Jaster Mirshko's inclusion as the second in command of the Gar Ka'rta eventually became evident. Now the two Chieftains organize both their own clans and lend their support to smaller ones as they shape a unified bastion for all Mandalorians of worth within Imperial Space.


And now, with a growing band of brothers and sisters forming amongst the Covenant's Mandalorian ranks, the call to arms is issued, for any and all willing to adhere to the code, the canons of honor and take up the armor, to call themselves Mandalorians. And for these newcomers, come the request for the veterans, the old warriors, and the experienced followers of the Mandalorian Creed to teach their ways to the worthy in the galaxy, and take up arms with their brethren in the Iron Heart. For Mandalore and For Glory, With the Empire.

The Expansion Institute



A solution to a growing problem, a Research Division became the resolution to a stagnant Medical branch which, although successful and equipped, saw little in the way of development and restricted the Covenant's options in staffing. It was created for the sake of branching the Covenant out into fields it could previously not focus upon, with the threat of Zakuul ever looming, and lend new purpose to the many medical professionals and other associates within its rosters. Now with imperial space mostly secure, focus could be diverted to not only keeping the Covenant intact and growing, but also to keep it flourishing and learning.


Experts were brought in and personnel rearranged in order to form the basis for a proper Research division, the result was the formation of the Expansion Institute, whose goal it was to further the Empire's scientific efforts and explore the use of fringe technologies to further benefit the Covenant and the Empire. The previous medical staff of the Covenant Medical Division were folded into the institute to serve not only their previous purpose, but also to assist with medical research and advancements, utilizing the full width of the equipment the Covenant had to offer to come fully prepared and ready for new purposes and endeavours, while being supplemented with new personnel that will broaden the meaning and expertise of the branch as a whole.


While building upon the successes of the medical division before it, the Expansion Institute ties directly into the Imperial Science Bureau as a minor associated entity, with internal and external funding provided through the appropriate channels in order to endorse the efforts made by the Covenant and the Empire in the scientific field. The Expansion Institute and the Covenant itself would seek for anyone with a proficiency for inventions and either creating, studying or modifying devices of great quality. Medical professionals, cybertechs, slicers, imperials and sith with ties to the spheres of ministries of Technology and Biotic Science, aswell as droids and researchers, possibly even the creations they have made, would be able to find a place with the cyborg Utzire Dvirat, the Director in charge, and Lead Researcher and Sith, Bexamushu, her Advisor.



The Covenant Academy


The Sith are the undisputed leaders of the Empire, and as such it was ordered by Darth Tarasirs that the Covenant shall maintain a training initiative of its own, like the many initiatives that came before. The goals were similiar, to further the teachings of Sith that have completed their trials upon Korriban and are ready to advance in their service to the Empire. This task was entrusted to the loyal Lords Ellydir and Antroz by Darth Tarasirs' decree when the Covenant Academy on Taral V was first under construction and later finished., and later passed down to Lords and Darths alike as the Covenant endured.


By teaching the new generations of Sith and bringing them to strenght, the Covenant is able to influence the future composition of the Empire, producing Sith that will potentially align more firmly with the vision of the Imperial State, and not have them languish in heresy or apostacy. By paving the way forwards for the new generations, the Empire's efforts have been strenghtened by several Sith of note, able to continue in the footsteps of their masters, taught to lead from the front and to show initiative.


Over the once hallowed halls of the Taral V Academy, there is currently only silence to be heard, the victim of a Republic attack, fully sacked. And although the center structure was destroyed most of the knowledge kept within was saved before its fall, and the Academy Initiative continues onwards. Wether Apprentice, Acolyte, Lord or Darth, the Covenant will accept the pledge of all who may bring powerbase and willpower to their ranks. A detachment of Imperial Guard make their home within the Covenant's territories, assigned to keep a watchful eye over proceedings, and make sure that all Sith within the Covenant's flock remain focused and that the decrees of the Empress are not ignored. Leading the Instructors and charged with the overall mentorship of the new Sith, Lord Lunar 'Ven keeps the training regimen focused and disciplined, whereas Lord Aricev offers his wisdom to the Apprentices, maintaining the order between Headmaster and Overseer.

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Hello there! Just bumping the thread with a few screenshots to mark the activity we have had during some of our events in the past. The guild is doing good and is growing, but we always have room to grow further, which is the plan. If nothing else, we hope to see you all around :)




Operation Goldmine, a subterfugal attack upon military emplacements on Zakuul itself to gain as much attention from the security forces on the planet as possible to then duck out of the conflict. The available Paragons joined oneanother upon the ship of Koba Yashi, and prepared for the battle to come.



Operation Exorcist, an act of necessity on the part of the Paragons, upon claiming an old bunker upon Dxun. The Dxun had existed since the construction of Freedon Nadds tomb and was used to house workers for the building of it, but had a lingering group of force spirits, Sith from the time of the Jedi Civil War and Darth Nihilus forces from the Sith Triumvirate. These spirits were vanquished by the mostly Sith team of Paragons from within the Covenant, and the bunker was claimed for their benefit.




Operation Killjoy, was the result of news of further Zakuulan activity around strategically important worlds, apparent plans to clear a site for a shield-bunker to defend a future Star Fortress above Balmorra prompted a harsh response from the Paragons' Covenant, who deployed all available forces to the surface of Balmorra, to reinforce one of the Imperial outposts under attack in the Sundari flatlands and make sure that the Zakuul forces on site could not dig in.




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  • 2 weeks later...

Another quick update! Our numbers are looking good but we are always wanting to grow to share our stories with you all, and include you in ours, aswell as hear and participate in yours!


Here is a picture from one of our gatherings where the Officers were chosen :)




Today marks the beginning of our main Guild story, which will begin with the conquest of a Star Fortress in orbit about the planet of Vjun. We are excited to get the ball rolling on this, and hopefully we may include some of you in this story as it unfolds!



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We just concluded our Vjun event, went really smoothly and although subtle, it will affect the guild story to come that i will be running personally. Always a pleasure to host them :)


We have started to host events a bit more often, and activity is picking up a bit again, hopefully we may include some of you in this aswell!




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Another little bump, a range of scenarios and RP can occur within the guild, and everyone that reaches the OOC rank of Paragon (Standard member) is able to host events. Far from just combat-focused! Here is a screenshot of an investigation-type RP hosted by one of our Paragons :)



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A bump! The guild has grown well as of late, and we are all very happy that a community has been built here, and something i am personally very pleased with is that we have a good number of Mandalorian characters for Clan Yashi players.


And all mandalorians regardless of IC clan can tag along with the Mandalorian branch without joining the clan itself ICly. We have several non-yashi characters in the guild, so having more wouldn't be out of place!


Here is a screenshot of us lining up after one of our RP sessions. A few of us got together as our mando characters on Tatooine to continue one of our storylines there :)

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  • 4 weeks later...

Heyo! And hello again! I can happily say that we have become pretty established now, and are able to accomodate for quite a few people, which is precisely one of the goals we had in mind when first starting the guild up.


Here is a picture of one of our recent social events, an IC meet and greet between our members to get characters more acquainted :)



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  • 3 weeks later...

Intrigue on Tarrois, military mobilization and the opening of the Covenant Sith Academy. All are events coming up in the next couple of weeks, hosted by our directors and members. Active members have also begun a PVE operations group. Our flagship, the Sovereign Convergence, is also beginning to open up! Exciting times :)



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Activity has been good recently, and we have had some pretty nice times as of late. Currently focusing recruitment on Non-Force sensitive characters, but Sith are nonetheless welcome to apply of course :) Here is a glimpse at one of our Freelancer events, where a couple of our Sith participated aswell!



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  • 1 month later...

Things have been all over these last few months, but the guild is as active as ever :) We are recruiting for all branches and would love to have new members along in the community that has been built since we started!


We are ticking down until the guild finally transitions into the current timeline, having done several Zakuul-themed events recently, which have had a good amount of people attending. Here's a bit of a glimpse into some of them:




Operation Homefront was the defense of the Covenant headquarters, the Embassy, which is located on Yavin 4 on top of a mountain overlooking the forests. The Exarch in charge of the Star Fortress above Vjun returned for payback, and brought a section of the Eternal Fleet with him. A battle in space and one on the ground ensued as the Embassy was sieged, and the shield-generator protecting it strained to the limits until the invasion force could finally be repelled.




Operation Riposte, was a direct retaliation effort upon Zakuulan soil, where an infiltration mission was held in order to reach Zakuul itself, and sabotage a vast industrial sector to ease for future covert operations in the region. Disguises were kept in order to infiltrate the area and allay suspicions, allowing for explosive charges to be set at strategic locations to bring the power-grid down.








Operation Hammerfall became the name of another retaliation strike against Zakuul, as the Covenant set out towards one of the heavily irradiated cities of Bothawui, which were bombarded by Vaylin due to the Outlander's actions against the Eternal Empire. The urban area of toppled buildings and crumbled streets were covered by the smog that remained in the area since the blasts. The Covenant held their briefing aboard the Capital Ship of their navy, the Sovereign's Convergence, and used a large transport ship to get past the air-defenses still lingering above Bothawui. As they were discovered, the gunners inside had to fend off zakuulan fighters until they could land with their payload, a recovered Siege Behemoth Walker, taken from the military workshops on Vandelhelm, still kept by the Zakuulans at the time. The Walker was used to decimate the entirety of the Zakuulan base that had been targeted by the Alliance for destruction, which the Covenant happily obliged in.



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  • 1 month later...

We are doing well, and have been blessed with some new faces lately, which is always a great thing! Plenty of room for expansion though, and we'd love to have you all along, as always!


Sometimes you simply have to improvise, here's a picture of an impromptu briefing being held as we decided to turn something into a small event out of the blue, a mission to investigate the sabotaging of one of the Covenant's workshops.



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Hello again to all! The Paragons Covenant is around as per usual, and having a great time, which we'd love to include you in! If a laid back and friendly community OOCly, and a varied crowd of characters with a common purpose ICly, is an appeal to you, then the Covenant may be a good fit :)


Here's a screenshot of some recent RP we've had recently to continue our storyline leading towards the end of the Zakuul storyline, as it flows with the game.


Operation Voyage: What was supposed to be a simple operation to reinforce an Imperial border spacestation against an impending Zakuulan attack suddenly became much more difficult as the Covenant's reinforcement ships, in the form of the flagship "Sovereign's Convergence" and supporting Terminus Destroyer "Voice of Csilla" became interdicted by a Zakuulan Cruiser, and waylaid. The Covenant had to handle a boarding party of Skytroopers before they could continue on with the mission at hand.



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  • 9 months later...

Now now, i'll be the first to admit that i could do these more often but here we are yet again, i always come back to this place, don't you worry :p As per usual, the Paragons Covenant is very much still active, still RPing, and still having one hell of a time, and i've got a whole slew of snippets of RP we've done since last time i wrote here to share with you all as per our usual way of doing things. BUT!, if you *do* want to ask post or comment on things here on this thread, by all means feel free to do so, i will gladly respond to questions and offer clarification if there is anything! There are a lot of pictures and text, you've been duly warned :p Now without further ado:


Recently we began to once again run our main guild storyline which coincides with the storylines of the game. Currently the Covenant has fought the Zakuulan invaders time and time again, but an old threat rears its ugly head as this new enemy falls to obscurity. On Iokath, the Empire is sent, and the humble beginnings of the campaign from the Covenant's imperial perspective will happen. Operation Golden Age became the title for the Covenant's involvement, as the firm belief that the offensive on Iokath can spark the end of the war sets in.




Gathered upon the bridge of the Sovereign's Convergence, the Covenant's available specialists prepared for another excursion as part of Operation Golden age, with a simple objective that would prove precarious in practice. Their goal was to explore the grounds around one of the imperial bases built in recent times, which they had to protect at one point during the start of the Empire's offensive to Iokath while avoiding contact with the Alliance on the ground. Shortly after the briefing the strike team was sent to Iokath's surface, landing with their shuttle within the imperial base they were assigned to, and prepared to explore the machine-world.




Early on in their expedition they were found by an Alliance wardroid on patrol, and had been ordered to arrive with their usual and best kit. Having no explanation for their presence, and unable to convince the droid that they were of the Alliance, they sliced and disposed of the machine, making sure it wouldn't be searched for. Several scouts from the Covenant's team were sent out to survey ahead of the main group, and came across Monitor droids, passively hovering around an old structure, ravaged by past wars on Iokath, its' purpose unknown. Finding a broken Monitor, likely fired upon by the earlier Alliance wardroid, they fixed the machine just in time for it to begin observing the group as the sounds of welding and tinkering attracted the less hospitable Custodian droid denizens to their positions.




Having surpassed their foe and been assisted by the one Monitor droid they managed to repair, the passive machines returned to their harmless patrolling as the Covenant slowly explored onwards after the Custodian droids were destroyed, and the site itself marked for a later salvage crew to pick through at a later date. Another group of these droids were found as they entered another structure, intact and heavily fortified. Wide corridors greeted them upon entry, aswell as the second group of custodian droids, only these ones had already been struck down by republic and imperial weaponry alike after close examination. Preparing for the possibility of hostile exchange, they explored the building until they came upon an Alliance force, and after successfully lying their way to not getting forcibly removed from the premises, the Covenant left a pair of representatives to negotiate further with the Alliance's team present, as the others were allowed to peacefully depart, having been otherwise outnumbered and likely defeated.




But this was not the last time they'd come across this group of Alliance forces, though the circumstances of their second encounter was a far cry from the first. Whereas there were only tensions during the first meeting, the other was another matter entirely as a familiar enemy to the Covenant resurfaced. Having bugged the Alliance base stealthily in their last encounter, the Covenant heard brief traces of distress before the transmissions were silenced, sending a force to investigate. The entire team of Alliance personnel within the base they encountered before had been massacred by an old foe of the Paragons, zealots of the traitorous "Iron Order", the brainchild and movement made by the rogue Moff Riehl to reignite the war and remove the Sith from the top of the pecking order of the Empire.




Being forced to fight old friends, as Riehl coerced a large portion of the Covenant's military forces to follow him in his madness, the Covenant's smaller team prepared for a tough fight as they put the traitors to justice after witnessing them execute some of the Alliance's own. Even this small group of traitors seemed to be a difficult match for the Paragons, which would prompt caution in the future, as they began a research project to find out as much as possible about the Iron Order's genetically enhanced and well equipped soldiers. Prevailing at last, they reclaimed the base and offered it back to the Alliance, their surveillance equipment replaced and re-hidden.




Though the precarious political situation with the Alliance and the old rivalries with the traitor Moff are important issues to deal with, neither of them are more pressing than the very real threat of the Republic's counteroffensive on Iokath. Overhearing through its' network of Agents, the Covenant dispatched a mixed party of Phantom Cell Operatives and military personnel to investigate the destruction of an imperial base, that had been established close to one of the as of yet unscouted regions of Iokath, within one of the old biomes.




Fighting through the republic attackers still present, the covenant's striketeam for this mission noticed telltale signs that they had discovered some time prior, in a different attack on imperial ground, which had potential ties to a particular group of Republic Loyalists that had caused issues for the Covenant on Taral V. With far too many different uniforms, showing the insignias and colors of different units, the republic invaders were surmised to be yet another easily deniable organization of 'revolutionaries'. The location was resecured for the empire, though not before the Covenant investigated how precisely the base was attacked, and how such an attack went by without notice by other imperial forces in the vicinity as it occurred.




In weeks prior, the Covenant suffered a setback as the Republic sent a very similiarly outfitted force to attack the world upon which its' Academy lay, Taral V. The initial attack in space seemed like more of a distraction than anything else, as the ships were easily destroyed, the true danger being the multiple republic shuttles darting for the surface, some of which surviving, which prompted a unified response within the Covenant to help the rest of the imperial garrison on Taral V to scour the world for possible survivors from the fleet battle and put them down or imprison them.




Encountering several survivors encamped within the jungles far outside the academy, they came upon a hyperspace beacon nestled amongst some communications equipment next to the main tent of the republic camp they found, all troops having different uniforms and equipment on them, looking more like a ragtag band than a military fighting force, though their proficiency implied otherwise. To their surprise and before they could shut the device down, a Republic Thranta Class Cruiser was able to drop in right above their current position, bypassing several imperial ships in orbit, a timed and planned attack, and began an orbital bombardment. The Covenant had enough time to signal for an evacuation of the academy before it was leveled, shortly before the cruiser was ripped to shreds by imperial Harrower and Terminus destroyers that surrounded it, a couple of minutes of full orbital fire all that was required. Now without an Academy, and the location of its ruins requested by the Ministry of Logistics, the Paragons planned for a new location to be built to house the academies' function.




After the destruction of the academy, the Covenant's Expansion Institute recieved word that a portion of their assets needed to set out towards the location and neutralize one of the droids they had kept within the Academy lab, which had been attacking local wildlife with chemical weapons, causing trouble for imperial guardsmen in the area trying to keep the place secured as various imperial institutions helped pick through the wreckage.




After finding the frenzied droid the professor in question that had build and stored the droid there came to join the team as she attempted to reason with the semi-intelligent droid into coming with them without causing further issue. As this was going on, another portion of the team were forced to contend with aggressive wildlife, but being of mostly imperial descent the Yozusk they fought, while large, was par for the course for Kaas residents and handled eventually. Managing to get the droid to stand down, the team continued on to find the central structure of the old academy, finding several items of interest to bring back for safekeeping or use.




But that's not all, aside from the central plots we also have branch-based and multi-branch events that are more grounded in the meat and bones of each branch. The above image is of a job the Outriders were sent on by a secret client within the Covenant, meant to clear out a gang on Nar Shaddaa in order to ease said client's operations in the area. To their side they welcomed the Mandalorians of the Gar Ka'rta coalition, and set out to their objective on Nar Shaddaa.




While covering eachother's backs, they wade through the Smuggler's Moon gangland, fighting their way past criminals as they did the galaxy a favor in ridding the area of the cretins and ruffians that made their territory in the area. The leader of said gang attempted to trick the commander of the outriders into compromising his position when they eventually found the gang leader, but one of the droids accompanying the mandalorians present was keen enough to spot a concealed weapon, and killed the man before he could betray them, making the rest of their work a simple and paltry task.



And now with that whole slideshow of text and screenshots over, bear with me, we come to the end of this message! I simply wanted to showcase to everyone that might be interested in joining up that if you decide to do so, you'll end up somewhere well established and active. Almost always something going down, wether planned or unplanned, and our times with the community of the Star Forge have been great so far, and it's in elements like these that we thrive in. I personally try my best to communicate with everyone, new and old, officer and member, aswell as people inside and outside of the guild to establish a mutual trust and respect, in order to make sure that we are doing all that we are able to do to make the Covenant as welcoming and compelling as it can be. And while it has not always been easy, it has most certainly worth it, because people like yourselves make it so, let no one claim otherwise.


Above all, Star Forge, stay classy. We'll happily do the same.


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