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I've been telling you for years play with gear not for it


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sorry for the spelling and grammar 5 year on and the sight still dose not support my voice to text software


I've been telling you for years make gear something to be played with not fore problem solved

one look at the GTN would tell a fool gamers will do and pay what ever it takes for vanity items ,tittles, pets, mounts,

think of all the resources that have gone into each gear set along with the needed changes made to NPC's ,FP,WB ,OP, . we already have cosmetics tabs. dump the gear stats. set class base lines make teamwork , skill and fun the point of op

because you have gear and are playing a 8 man op with 4 good player . Should not mean you can steam role a HM op ITS HARD MODE it should take skill for something that's HARD

every MMO'er will say more content is what there game needs if your not wasting time on gear stats upgrades every time your building a new op THEY COST LESS


I told you to increase solo content years before you did better speed things up

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