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Design Philosophy: Intuitive Gameplay


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Intuitive Gameplay

The juggernaut was advertised as a wrecking ball but it feels more like a melee affliction warlock for those who play(ed) WoW. An ability's mechanic & animation should have an intuitive relationship. A good example where this isn't so is the vengeance juggernaut's "Shatter". Its animation is an acrobatic mid-air spin that overhead smashes the enemy target.

How much initial damage does this ability do: VERY LOW

Whats its mechanic?: Refreshes cooldown on Ravage & applies a long dmg-over-time effect.



Shatter/Plasma Brand should:

1. Have a longer cooldown

2. Should NOT have a damage over time effect

3. Should either stun for 1.5 sec OR leave the target vulnerable for 3 seconds (they take 15%-25% more dmg)

4. Should have HIGH initial damage


Vengeance Juggernaut's Force Belch should be removed, and instead, Retaliation should do 'true damage' (ignoring dmg mitigation) and auto-crit. It could also ignore all immunity and reflect effects. A pure strike of sorts; truly unique. A swordmaster's final solution. :)


Another example is the Hatred Assassin. They apply THREE bleed effects (one too many in my opinion).

1. The class uses a double-bladed lightsaber. In the main rotation, almost every ability animation should be centered around using the weapon.

2. Two of the dmg-over-time effects have the hatred assassin waving his hand to apply the DoT. This is bad.

3. The ground-target ability Death Field should be 30m range @ all times. Same with the powertech's Deady Onslaught. Ground target area-effect abilities, no matter what , should have a max range of 20m+. Its obnoxious otherwise.


The Mercenary's 'Jet Boost' ability activates the bounty hunter's jetpack to barely lift her off the ground for 0.5 seconds, knocking all nearby enemies up in to the air & back. Huh? Need i elaborate? See the theme?


DPS Powertechs should have 1 'charge' of Flame Sweep on 10 sec cd. It should cost 0 heat. A utility could grant an extra charge & increase its radius slightly. This ability looks weird when you cast it 3 times in a row. Its beautiful though.


Mercenary Changes:

- Increase the cooldown of the reflect/heal/absorb defensive to 3 min.

- Reduce the cooldown of Jet Out from 45 sec to 25 sec.

- Jet Out now grants charge/slow/root/stun immunity for its duration. The utility Smoke Screen has been removed.

- Unload has been renamed Ghetto Blasters j/k change its animation plz

- DPS Merc: The insta-cast heal has been removed. The cast heal now has 1 charge on 20 sec cd rather than no cooldown. It will heal for 50% more & if you use it on an ally, you will heal for 50% of the amount healed.


Extra Notes:

- The operative roll looks choppy and awful. Work on that if possible. I don't have a solution for it; prolly an engine thing.

- Sorcerer DPS cast-heal should have 1 charge on 15 sec cooldown rather than no cooldown. It will heal for 50% more. If used on an ally, the sorcerer will heal for 50% of the amount. REMOVE the insta-cast heal Dark Preservation from dps specs.

- Healer Sorcerer should heal for 5% health per sec while in Static Barrier (10 sec immunity).

- DPS Taunts should be -15% rather than -30%. Tank spec taunts remain @ 30%. Tank taunts override non-tank taunts.

- DPS 'Guard' does not reduce damage taken by 15% and now only splits 25%, down from 50%. Tank Guard can override this. (The override mechanic is VERY important to gameplay quality!).

- Carnage Marauder's Gore duration changed from 1.5 sec to 2.5 sec.


"Trust your feelings, you know it to be true." ~ Chester Biggingsworth

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