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How to help the F2P and Preferred


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So I have actually been thinking about this for a while, and since you said give us your suggestions.... Here it goes... Yes some of this will end up being a mishmash of what some other games do within the constructs of this....




  • I don't think you need to give the true never paid free players access to anything past getting to level 70. I know that some people won't like this. IMO though, if a player wants access to stuff, they should at least personally contribute at some point and not have a sub doing it. I know people will say, well they bought off the GTN and someone paid for it. Maybe that's true. It's also true that a lot of players who sell that stuff do it with the tons of referral CCs they get, which are in essence free CC when argued like this.
  • Free players can have access to SOLO mode Flashpoints only. If they want access to group ones, they need to at least up to preferred.
  • Free players cannot have access to GC or top end gear. There needs to be some support of the game IMO to get at least access to that.




  • I think you should give preferred players access to GC at the current rates on live, today, as of 1/26/2017. I'm putting the date on there so there is no confusion. I'm also hoping that increases to gains are coming which is also why I added the date, which would assume the current set is the lowest gain.
  • Place a tighter cap on Preferred players ability to level up GC.
  • Do NOT allow preferred players to turn in tokens or components for gear. This should be exclusive to Subscribers only. If you want faster gearing, pony up.
  • Allow preferred players into all WZ, OPS, Flashpoints, and Uprisings. However if they want the CXP box drop, they need to buy a weekly pass for those drops. Again, faster progression should be with Subscribers. If someone wants to grind, great for them.
  • Remove artifact authorization for Preferred Players. The tippy top gear is now legendary. If you want to make a legendary gear authorization, great. But this restriction is bad for crafters that pay to play the game. Almost every worthwhile crafted item is purple. It would open up the market more.



  • Increase CXP awarded by at least 3 based on current rates as of 1/26/2017. Current rates suck. Plus, people need real incentive to go from Preferred to Sub without being forced to think they have to.
  • Have semi-regular bonus CXP events for only Subscribers, similar to Enhanced XP Weekends. Call it ALT weekend CXP fest or whatever. Make it even less painful to level up those alts.
  • Leave the token/component system in place, however INCREASE component drop for PvP and Starfighter players. The current rate of award is pitiful.
  • Remove the shell requirement for PvP turn in, but ADD a GC tier check in order to buy each tier (not equip). As in must be GC Tier X to interact with the vendor. This allows a main to buy for alts, but removes the current situation of run tier 2 OP and trade in for the tier 3 when they are not even tier 1.
  • Remove CXP cap. I cannot stress this enough. My suggestion above coupled with this one places enough of a time on gearing that we don't need an artificial cap. If someone really REALLY wants to grind it out in one week, more power to them.... Because when you get to the cap, it's just wasted. And who wants to not get rewarded for what they do...




Add a credit cap increase or removal to the CM. A little birdie told me that over in another game, this is the BIGGEST and BEST selling item to new players next to lockbox keys. Almost EVERY preferred or free player buys this unlock at $5 a pop. Sure it's a 1 off item, but I bet even if half of preferred player bought one, that would be a pretty penny. I'll help you here even more. You could tier that even in 3 tiers at $2 each tier (have to buy the previous tier for the next) and make an extra buck off each player who wants full unlock. Who runs your CM marketing department anyway? Can I have their job? This unlock should have been a no brainer from the get go. The idea is to get people invested. Buying an escrow thingie does not do that.


Add crates of OPS, Flashpoint, and Uprising tokens. Either as a bundle OR as a 5 pack. Price them to be competitive with a sub. Make the person think, Humm do I wanna sub for a buck or two more and get everything, or do I just wanna buy this pass pack at almost the same price. It's all psychological here people.


There are a few other minor changes that could be made, but would make this post more unruly then it already is. The idea is to make people feel like they are getting value for going from one tier to the next. Right now, the current system doesn't give value. It says you really just have to do it to play the game. Like the old adage says, You can attract more bees with Honey then Vinegar...


Peace out!

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I would like to see discounts for more than 1 account, plus maybe a benefit for having a sub account and a f2p account. These before totally f2p get more.


Other than that I guess bringing back pass's from cartel to do end game stuff. but I always thought the cost of such a pass was more than a months sub so never really saw the point. this is a game and while I see the benefit of allowing some free access much the same way neflix often give a free months trial, I don't really agree with it being free long term.

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Just for reference, staff has gone on record saying they're not interested in changing the f2p and preferred model.


If you search for 'f2p', you should see many many many threads on this already.

For reference, it sure sounded like Ben ASKED the live stream for these types of ideas to me. TODAY

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A few things... By restricting pure F2P to solo only flashpoints, you're taking away potential players willing to do grouped FPs. So you're narrowing the pool. Ideally what you want to do is open it up so you have more potential players doing it, thus slower wait times.


So instead I'd suggest let pure F2P do group flashpoints, but have it similar to the current model: They can do it but with restrictions. Say they can only roll need and/or greed on FP loot a certain number of times. That way you're giving them a taste of FPs to see if they like it rather than just locking them out completely.


Currently, F2P don't NEED access to top end gear or GC... Because they can't really do anything that requires that gear (Ops, ranked PVP etc).




Letting prefs have GC access would be interesting, though would have to not conflict with the whole prefs not being able to get crate rewards thing. Remember that already locks them out of any credit lockboxes and all heroic gear rewards.


As for getting rid of the artifact authorization, what about people who already bought artifact authrization unlocks? Either per character or account-wide? Not to mention the fact that it still isn't even working properly in its current state as last I heard it was locking out normal RotHC items and random blues and greens too from prefs. It's supposed to only lock out purples. But I do agree that it would help open up the GTN market for purple items... that didn't sell above the credit cap.




I'm completely uninterested in the GC system so I don't really have anything to say about your proposed subscriber CXP changes.


A credit cap increase/removal item would be great though. Only thing is from what I've read around, a number of people list (or used to list) that as the main reason they sub and don't drop to pref. I'm guessing with current prices if you put in a credit increase then you'd find GTN prices also increased with the new baseline. If you had something that removed the cap then you'd have some subs dropping to pref because of it.

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